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vapc1289 2016.08.02 18:29  

Thanks for the help! Getting closer! Something seems to be missing, or I'm not quit doing it right. Am able to capture first MA but getting value of 0 for second.

Val1 = iCustom(NULL,0,"First_MA",13,3,0);
Val2 = iCustom(NULL,0,"Second_MA",0,6,0);

11:19:39 Test iCustom EURUSD,M1: Val1 = 30.11376832 : Val2 = 0.00000000

If I set Val1 at 0 for period I get: Val1 = 0.00000000 : Va2 = 0.00000000

But, no matter what value I set Val2 for period I get " Val2 = 0.00000000 "

Dear Yellowbeard:


i think i can see the error, you has put "0" value in the property position on the vector of desription, try this: Val2 = iCustom(NULL,0,"Second_MA",15,6,0);

whroeder1 2016.08.02 19:00  
Don't post to old threads unless there is a very important reason to do so. I doubt the poster is still waiting for an answer after 6.9 years.
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