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Unresolved Function

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Andriy Moraru
Andriy Moraru 2009.12.07 19:04 

When I try to attach one of my MT5 EAs to the chart I get two errors that read "Unresolved Function".

I don't even get a pop-up window for input parameters.

Get these errors only with one EA, all others work fine.

Andriy Moraru
Andriy Moraru 2009.12.08 11:15  
The problem is with all newly recompiled EAs in build 228.
Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2009.12.08 13:35  
It has been fixed, thank you.

wolfing 2010.01.06 02:42  

I am having the same problem.  I have installed build 223 of the MetaBuilder 5.00 and build 235 of MetaTrader 5.00.  It reports the build date for both as 5 January 2010.

It happens the moment I include Trade\Trade.mqh.  I do not even need to call any of the opjects in Trade,mqh, only include it in my EA. When I run the EA in Debug or directly from to console I get the string 'Unresolved Function' reported in the Experts tab of the Toolbox.

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