Sometimes TimeCurrent() returns 1970.01.01 00:00:01


It has been fixed in 231 build.

Ilyas #:

It has been fixed in 231 build.

its back 

William Roeder  
みㄚのRタ #: its back 

Don't try to use any price (or indicator) or server related functions in OnInit (or on load or in OnTimer before you've received a tick), as there may be no connection/chart yet:

  1. Terminal starts.
  2. Indicators/EAs are loaded. Static and globally declared variables are initialized. (Do not depend on a specific order.)
  3. OnInit is called.
  4. For indicators OnCalculate is called with any existing history.
  5. Human may have to enter password, connection to server begins.
  6. New history is received, OnCalculate called again.
  7. A new tick is received, OnCalculate/OnTick is called. Now TickValue, TimeCurrent, account information and prices are valid.