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My Range EA make 30.000 Pips last week - page 4

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zhou hong
zhou hong 2014.11.15 07:23  
I want to try your EA ,Please send me your EA
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.11.15 10:17  
hm  - it's seems to be grid-trader and as this thread is more than 4 years old I assume all the accounts are crashed now.
Agent86 2014.11.15 13:00  
OMG your responding to  a 2008 post and now it's on the top of the forums list

Can we please read the post dates on these things before responding. Not to be rude but just please.
Dr. Zain Agha
Dr. Zain Agha 2015.02.14 18:47  


I have developed a EA System that makes good profit in sideway market.

Attach is a backtest with my EA from last week trading EURUSD 5 min Chart, it has make more then 30.000 Pips with 0.1 Lot.

If the market move to a trend the risk become bigger to loose, but I think it is also a good result, the risk reward Ratio is good.

I want to ask you what do you think from such a strategie and also I am interrestet if somebody has a account with minimum 1000 Euro and if he want to trade with me this strategie and then make fity fity the win.


Hi Tim,

I would love to test your EA

I will be grateful if you can send me your EA at this email address:


ffoorr 2015.02.15 12:06  

It's just one of those so many EA, with big StopLoss and small TakeProfit, look at the report.

It's easy to do, but if there is no retracement, the account blow up

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2015.02.15 12:17  
As he is not answering any more I think he has gone bankrupt. :(
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