How to create the rectangle on the separate window indicator?


I would like to create rectangle with yellow background with the the following parameters:

1st corner:

X = 5

y = 125

2nd corner:

x = 305

y = 225

On the rectangle I would like to type te text: "Signal to BUY"

What command should I type in MQL in this case ? Please help me to write proper MQL code.

maybe this thread with link in post help - is good article on graphic stuff

Sorry but there is nothing about the RECTANGLE. Please - reade my question. I have one, concrete problem. How can I resolve it? Is it very hard to do for you?


why u get RED?

i only do my best - not good nuff, ok - i did try

so? no rectangle - big deal - maybe u read artilce and learn genrl ideas on graphical stuff - is not rectangle a graphical thing ?

it is hard 4 me cuz i not use drawings - if wanna do i gotta do trial error like u do and learn how do

i call this trial and error learning - is fun and i just keep putting new datas and sometimes get lucky :)

i into coding robot system for testing all ideas and maybe even make money - not drawing pictures.

luck in your search ;)