Multi Send e-mail

Mehmet Bastem
Mehmet Bastem  

How do send multi e-mail.


1.,, ....

use a dll to do it

What I did is my ISP allows me to have multiple accounts, so I set one up as a catch all. I configure d the email to do a pop sen d to thia account. Then based on the friendly name I gave my email in the MT4, I use d that to determine who the message nee de d to go to. Then I setup MSFT Outlook to seperate the emails base d on the user name or frien dly name an d forwar d to my clients accor dingly using Outlook assistant. You just have to create a seperate email account in a d dress book with same inboun d email a d dress. Outlook will ask you if you want 2 or more accounts with same email a d dress even when their frien dly names are the same, you just confirm it an d it will do the job. This is for the part where you say When email arrives from {emails frien dly name}, forwar d to {actual email or group of emails}.

If this is confusing, sorry, simply put, in the email too fiel d in MT4 you can place a frien dly name with a "." comma and the target email a d dress to sen d it too.

Then in the outlook it will come in as that frien dly name an d the same email a d dress as the from person. When outlook assistant checks it out, it will see that it came from different frien dly name, but same email a d dress, in this case, I sent from self to self just with a different frien dly name. Then because frien dly name exists with same email a d dress in a d dress book, it will ask for confirmation when you a d d them to the a d dress book. Once that is done, it is a matter of telling the outlook assistant that this frien d ly name nee ds to be forwar de d to actual emails that you want them to go to.


In MT4 Email config:

From: IH Admin, InvestorsHaven(Atttt)MySite( dot)com

To: MyClientName (B0b), InvestorsHaven(Atttt)MySite( dot)com

In outlook address book, I have a listing for:

MyClientName (Bob) InvestorsHaven(Atttt)MySite( dot)com

MyClientNames (Sue, Joe, Fred) InvestorsHaven(Atttt)MySite( dot)com

I tell outlook Assistant to forward all emails from MyClientName (Bob) InvestorsHaven(Atttt)MySite( dot)com to Bob's actual email address

Then another rule to forward MyClientNames (Sue, Joe, Fred) InvestorsHaven(Atttt)MySite( dot)com to each of their actual addresses.

I hope that was clear. I am tired so it may be cloudy.

Daniel F
Daniel F  
in terms of MetaTrader and DLLs you might wanna have a look at this.
Do anybody has the basic code?