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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.02.22 10:59 

New article Calculation of Integral Characteristics of Indicator Emissions is published:

Indicator emissions are a little-studied area of market research. Primarily, this is due to the difficulty of analysis that is caused by the processing of very large arrays of time-varying data. Existing graphical analysis is too resource intensive and has therefore triggered the development of a parsimonious algorithm that uses time series of emissions. This article demonstrates how visual (intuitive image) analysis can be replaced with the study of integral characteristics of emissions. It can be of interest to both traders and developers of automated trading systems.


Indicator emissions represent a new and quite promising direction in the study of time series. It is characterized by the fact that the analysis is not focused on indicators as such but on their emissions into the future or past based on which we can actually make a market environment forecast:

  • support and resistance levels in the future;
  • trend direction (price movement);
  • strength of movement accumulated over the past.

My previous article called "Drawing Indicator's Emissions in MQL5" dealt with the algorithm of emission drawing and specified its key features. Let me remind you:

Emission is a set of points located at intersections of lines peculiar to the indicators under consideration.

Emission points, in their turn, have some peculiarities:

  • Emission points of the same type tend to cluster.
  • Dense point clusters can attract or, conversely, repel the price.

Emission gallery:

Emission of DCMV Emission of iMA & iEnvelopes
Emission of DCMV Emission of iMA & iEnvelopes

Fig. 1. Examples of indicator emission plots. Left: emission of the DCMV indicator. Right: emission of the iMA and iEnvelopes indicators.

Author: Sergey Pavlov

Sergey Pavlov
Sergey Pavlov 2013.02.22 17:20  

Take a look video


Sergey Pavlov
Sergey Pavlov 2013.03.21 08:33  

Video on emission


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