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Running MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on Mac OS X - page 4

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sodaman 2015.07.02 07:39  


Maybe I can help you out as I can see that some of you t are having troubles getting MetaTrader 4 Mac successfully downloaded. We have recently introduced MT4 for the Mac with no crossover needed. you can either use this live or on as a demo account.
We also have an add on you can use from MetaTrader5 called chart trader. ChartTrader is an additional application for the MetaTrader4. Thanks to this application you can move pending orders, stop losses & take profits simply by draging the mouse directly from your charts.
MetaTrader 4 for the Mac is free for our live clients but also avalible on a 30 day free trial for non Axiory clients.
Please contact us if you have any question and one of our helpful support staff will be happy to answer any questions.

Kind regards,




I successfully installed mt4 latest build under playonmac and it looked fine for the most part. However when I tried to import data into the history center it simply wouldnt work.  I then tried crossover - same thing.  I then tried on windows with same file and it worked fine.

Can some one else try importing in history center so that I can verify my sanity ? 

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