Same mql4 code, same parameters but strategy test results only for one

An outside source of MACD sample will not yield test results.
I opened the MACD sample that comes with MT4 in meta-editor.
Then I copied the exact same MACD sample but from the site.
I confirmed that the program codes were identical from both sources by setting them side by side in meta-editor.
And I used the exact same expert properties/parameters for the strategy tested/optimization.

Problem ...Only the Macd sample that comes with the software worked in the tester.
The macd sample that I copied from the metatrader website compiled without
errors but it gave zero test results in the tester and zero optimization results.
This is strange given the fact that the two codes are the same.

What seems to be the problem? Any help?

What the build number of client terminal?

Few builds ago there was problem in MetaEditor with unix-style text sources (line breaks with CR only instead of CR-LF).

What size is ex4-file?