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Discussion of article "Interview with Sergey Pankratyev (ATC 2012)"

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New article Interview with Sergey Pankratyev (ATC 2012) is published:

The Championship is coming to an end leaving us with vivid impressions of many unusual trading strategies. However, the trading robot of Sergey Pankratyev (s75) is showing really peculiar things - it is trading all 12 currency pairs opening only long positions. It is not an error but just a response to some certain market conditions.

Many developers believe that the automated trading is not an ultimate solution, as traders still interfere with robot's operation violating their own implemented rules. Have you experienced something like that?

I even cannot remember the last time I looked at candlestick charts. I have no problems in this regard.

Do you think it is necessary to pass through all psychological problems common to manual trading to better understand the market, or development of a trading strategy can be a purely technical issue?

Perhaps, it is necessary to pass through psychological problems only to assess the benefits of the automated trading. However, this is only my point of view. I've never performed a fundamental analysis, only a technical one. More precisely, my robot analyzes "news" tracking the market reaction.

But where do you find ideas for your trading system if you do not observe the market?

I have more than 10 years of experience in processing electromagnetic "noisy signals". They are not market ones, of course, but still they are very similar to them.

Sergey Pankratyev (s75) at the Automated Trading Championship 2012

Author: Automated-Trading

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