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Period Converter Opt Problem? - page 2

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Caesar 2008.11.19 16:02  

My apologies. I is now working. I do not know why I had the above mentioned problems the first time I tried...

Now, a few days later, and during live market hours, I created a custom timeframe chart. It remains active as I switch back and forth from it to other charts. I even closed down MT4 and re-opened it and found the custom chart still working whenever I clicked on it.

This is a fantastic indicator.....fantastically usefull.

Now, if only the author of it would also produce a custom indicator that would enable conversion of MT4 time to user time in the Data Window........

I can't get a 20mins chart to work!!! PLEASE HELP

ishmeetilu 2017.01.10 14:30  
I tried this indicator applied on the chart but i am not getting the same in indicator list so that i can customise it it is visible in custom indicatro and navigator window but when i right click on chart and in indicator list it is not displayed.please help i want to veiw 2 min time frame chart
Irwan Adnan
Irwan Adnan 2017.01.10 19:57  
Iggy mentioned in his post that it is an EA, so put it in expert folder.
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