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2020.01.11 05:29
2020.01.11 09:50
Cross.mq4 (5.94 KB)view

Simple code for Candle Cross above or below Conditions..

Mt5 version:-

Note: This is just a sample

Main Function

bool   crossed[2];

int OnInit()
   for (int i = 0; i < ArraySize(crossed); i++)
      crossed[i] = true;
void OnTick()
//Your Buy condition
if(Cross(0,Open[0] > Condition))

....//your conditions//...

//Your Sell condition
if(Cross(1,Open[0] < Condition))

....//your conditions//...
bool Cross(int i, bool condition)
   bool ret = condition && !crossed[i];
   crossed[i] = condition;

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