Become a Better Trader

Become a Better Trader

18 May 2019, 07:30

Here is the big picture that will help you to become a better trader from today on-wards. These little things can lead to finding your edge in the market(s).

1) Trade a method that you are comfortable with according to your market beliefs.

2) You have about 50/50 chance of being right on the direction after the trade entry due to randomness. Improving the win rate up to a higher success rate than the pure randomness is an edge of entry mechanism.

3) Structure the trades to make the wins are big enough to cover the losses even with a 50% or less win rate. A stop loss keeps the loss small and exiting the winning trade with a trailing stop enables a big win.
   Exit matters more than your money management strategy.

4) Position size must be meaningful in the context of losing cluster of trades. Keep the internal emotions in check especially when the trades are in a losing streak.

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