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Close Channel

The Expert Advisor draws a channel on a chart using stop lines.


  • start the Expert Advisor on a chart of any symbol with existing open position;
  • set the channel in a desired place and adjust its slope;
  • if necessary, move the button "CHANNEL" by holding its upper left edge;
  • click the button "CHANNEL", then the channel color will be changed to red.

Once the price goes beyond the channel borders, the position will be closed.


  • Make Signal Alert – use alert when closing a position;
  • Period – the period of calculation of the initial channel that is draw on the chart on default. Calculated as the linear regression channel;
  • Color Passive – color of the passive channel;
  • Color Active – color of the active channel;
  • Line Width – width of the channel lines;
  • Line Style – line type.

Note: the Expert Advisor closes positions by market price. Stop orders are not used, this there might be a slippage of several points.

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