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Veno EA

Veno EA is a safe and fully automated medium-term trading robot.

The EA does NOT use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc.

Veno Expert System automatically analyzes the appearance of participants with distinct preference towards buying or selling on the market. Trades are conducted on strong cluster and news based movements. The robot automatically analyzes the market volumes and volatility and follows strong supply and demand movements. It smoothly sets breakeven levels and features the built-in smart mechanism for partial closure of profitable trades. The built-in spread filter manages slippages and spread extension.

The EA has the functions of the multi-currency trading. The Virtual Mode allows you to place orders and net profit levels without a broker.

Basic EA settings are already configured for EURUSD (M30, H1, H4) and GBPUSD (M30, H1, H4).


  1. The EA has been optimized for EURUSD (M30, H1, H4) and GBPUSD (M30, H1, H4).
  2. It is recommended to use an ECN broker with a low spread and VPS.
  3. Use only five-digit accounts.
  4. Small spread significantly increases the EA's efficiency.


For correct robot operation, it is important to have a good communication channel for connection with the broker server. Therefore, it is recommended to use the VPS chosen based on the closest location to the broker to achieve the lowest possible ping, which provides better conditions for the robot to place orders.


It is important to backtest Veno Expert System with the simulation coefficient of not less then 90%. Some brokers have a significant delay in triggering of stops and orders, which is critical to any trading.


  • Lot - lot size;
  • Stoploss - stop loss;
  • Magic - unique EA magic number;
  • CheckLevels - estimated number of levels;
  • BiasPips - move pending orders (in points);
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread allowed before a pending order triggers;
  • Slippage - fixed slippage (in points);
  • VirtualSL - enable/disable a virtual stop loss (hides StopLoss from the broker);
  • ShowInfo- show/hide extra info;
  • Trailing - enable/disable breakeven position processing mode;
  • TrailStart - activate breakeven level (in points);
  • TrailStopPercent - breakeven level setting percentage;
  • UseBreakEven - enable/disable breakeven;
  • BEStart - initial breakeven level (in points);
  • BEStop - breakeven profit level (in points);
  • SplitProfitLots - profitable order division mode;
  • StartSplitPips - points of profit to start dividing a profitable deal;
  • SplitPrercentProfit - profit percentage for each profitable deal division;
  • SplitLot - closed lot volume for dividing a profitable deal;
  • AutoLot - enable/disable deal volume auto selection mode;
  • IsProtection - enable/disable protection against large trades;
  • BalancePerLot - number of the account balance units per the specified Lot deal volume;
  • CheckTime - EA hourly work mode;
  • OpenMondayHour - start operation on Monday (in hours);
  • CloseFridayHour - end operation on Monday (in hours);
  • CommentDeals - custom comments for deals
2018.05.22 19:56 

Great EA and excellent support! Saying it's not profitable after a month or two of live is really silly. Maybe you should try the latest version and correct broker? Experiment some it definitely works. And again Excellent Support!

Yuan Liu
2018.05.17 11:24 


bud 01
2018.05.11 21:49 

I am running VENO and Grid hero. I did quite a lot of new account and testing aspects, mt4 installations on a 1&1 XXL box through to tickmill and just recently pepperstone.

Veno is printing money ATM, this EA should be on the front page up behind grid hero some place, it has bolstered my drip drip profits (appericated) from grid hero with larger dumps of profits, Veno runs with adjustable risk and books the order at the broker for buy / sell stops etc.

Water 1 is demo.

Fires are real accounts, only fire 2, 3 are live ongoing atm, others are off at this time.

EA is 5 stars ATM,


Buncharat Mainiang
2018.05.07 11:06 

EA idea is work but only proper Broker and Currency pairs.

Default setting is terrible but dont worry you can re-optimized by yourself.

I confirm that this EA still working but you must have tick datasuite software to re-optimize.

This is my real account with my own setting


Eric Ruvalcaba
2018.05.06 20:12 

Great back-tests with proper optimizations, forward testing matches perfectly!. Bear in mind that properly optimizing is a time consuming procedure but with lots of potential in my opinion. Author has been highly supportive since the beginning.

My own optimization:


Forward testing results:


Banpodj Titipat
2018.03.29 04:02 

Very good EA

Atep Novic
2018.03.23 20:00 


Serafin Perez
2018.03.22 17:48 

Bueno, tremendo, hay un espacio aquí que tener en cuenta a la hora de opinar, de hecho hay un gran vacío donde ha ocurrido de todo. Lo cierto es que ahora mismo y anteriormente, ha pasado desapercibido por lo que sea que este EA ha funcionado de maravilla. Ha puesto en jake a todo el mundo como un proyecto abandonado y no ha sido así. De nuevo resurge de sus cenizas con una rentabilidad muy guapa. La ruptura de soportes y resistencias ahora funciona como nunca en su versión 3.77. ¿Alguien entiende esto? Yo no de verdad, lo que si veo es que Alexey que es su autor, maneja todo de maravilla y es capaz de anunciar su producto como una gran novedad, pero sorprende porque como si fuera todo nuevo, pero FUNCIONA. Y lo escribo así, en mayúsculas, porque a mi me sorprende que a pesar la gran cantidad de criticas, funciona, y realmente funciona. Lo pones en una cuenta y te da una rentabilidad, lo creas o no es así. El caso es que funciona, cosa maravillosa y cuando algo en este mercado no se degrada y sigue funcionando bien, hay que tenerlo.

Un número UNO.

2018.01.18 10:11 

really bad. super disappointed

2017.12.12 15:25 



1. One is always dependent on the seller, if he has no desire Does he block your EA and you just stand there without EA.

2. There is no update, you only have to apply to the seller.

3. Very bad performance, my EA was running on VPN, but everything went bad and he could not change it.


There are none

I was one of the first to buy this EA.

The program ran right at the beginning ok but you would always have to ask the seller for update. now the EA is not running because the seller has not reported after 3 months, all accounts are still.

A very bad seller without any conscience,

Am very disappointed.

has not responded to my requests for a long time.

2017.11.27 14:51 

Поддержки нет. Автор не отвечает.

Wenbin Hu
2017.11.22 07:15 

Program EA losing money

It's not updated now

2017.10.30 18:36 

Doesn't work as described, author is not responding.

Ralph Lips
2017.10.29 16:39 

EA might have worked for some users at specific brokers. Overall signals and users loose money constantly. After the ea started loosing, the author seems to have dissapeared. Poor (no) support at the end.

Samer Gowid
2017.10.24 19:42 

Update 24/10/2017

Big SCAM .... the EA produces losses only since I bought it. I am using it on TickmillUK and ICMarkets. I hope the author will provide us a new EA instead of this EA. It is not possible to pay more than 300 USD to lose our hard earned money. If the authors provide a new EA instead of this one for free. I will change my rating. thank you

Update 9/9/2017

Alexy provided an updated version along with new settings files. I will test it and I will update you about its performance. Thank you Alexy.

Please note that you do need an ECN account and a VPS latency as low as 3 ms.


Regardless of all these reviews, honestly the latest version of the EA with its current setting files does not work properly on ICMarkets servers (3ms latency). It only produces losses - demo trading is very different than real trading as the demo one does not include commissions, fluctuation in spread and delay in execution (so please forget about demo tests).

Gael Gourdel
2017.10.23 12:56 

I trade through ICMarkets and i simply stopped the EA, the slippage is enormous and i lost a lot of money, because of the proliferation of this EA to many people want the same price and big slippage result.

Not profitable at all :(

I dont blames Alexey who is a very good programmer but this EA loses money everyday from june in my case.


09/2017 Testing the new update....

23/10/2017 only losses DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP !

2017.10.11 23:33 

So Bad.

Ismail Fadel
2017.10.06 21:50 

Results speak for themselves, this EA is not working, it is only loosing all the way. I am asking people who are praising it to stop doing so as they are misleading people into buying a loosing EA that might cost them their capital that they've worked hard for. It is clear that when you back-test it you get amazing results, but when you use it on a real account disasters happen. No need to ask anyone about their results, their broker or their vps providers, you only need to check out the author's own results to draw a conclusion: This EA will Wipe Out your Account, simple as that.

2017.10.05 15:26 

EA does not work. Some win and the rest is losses.

2017.10.05 14:53 

Only losses since August 2017. First time support was good, but now just second day have no answer from Alexey.

2017.10.05 14:49 

I bought this robot in July and since than it brings me only losses.Do not even bother to buy it.Complete waste of time and money.Alexey is a good guy but this is a mess.He is not resaponding me more than 10 daya.Also the price is overrated.

2017.10.01 17:04 

This EA is not profitable. Tested on real ECN account with VPS (1 ms) since July. It makes some small profit and then it looses everything. All over again. Since July without profit, but fortunatelly without big loss in comparison with some other users. Backtest looks great but real results are far from it. Main problem for this EA is that many users use it and it generates big slippage. And Due to that the orders are not executed on that price that sould be executed and it makes big losses.

2017.09.30 11:27 

Steady stream of losses since June 16th. Like previous user indicated, good in Strategy Tester but poor performer otherwise.

Update: nearly 3 weeks now and continues to be a poor(negative) performer

Update Sept 30, 2017: Been using for awhile now and on VPS with mediocre performance ... still experimental for me and cannot rely on it for generating significant steady income. Had I known it was such a poor performer I would have used the money for something else.

Hong Yi Li
2017.09.26 11:17 


Tahar Trabelsi
2017.09.26 09:37 

Not profitable just loss

2017.09.25 17:03 

dont't ask me why. Just don't touch this EA

Guntis Grants
2017.09.24 09:06 

I have Veno v.2.77 for 1 moth since August 20, 2017 on 2 live accounts, 2 good brokers, good VPS. EURUSD only! During this month Veno has been highly profitable, it has earned some nice real money for me. I have not encountered some of those big losses that some other traders did. My recommendations:

1) Use only the best ECN brokers.

2) Only good 2 core VPS with ping less than 2ms, preferably less than 1ms.

3) Skillfully improve the optimization on TDS newest version.

4) Use only EURUSD preferably on M15

Now I have the version 3.77. Let's see how it will work.

burak bahadir
2017.09.23 12:58 

Final Update: I have tried the new version v.2.77 - it is so much better and safer then the earlier versions. You should give it a try ;)

Alexey provides fast and great support and really trying to help. Also want to thank him a lot for his amazing effort on the updates.

Backtests at 99.90% are giving strong profit and potential.

Update: Real Tickmill account 3ms VPS- 15 days growth 0.4%. Still testing!

Update2: I am loosing again again and again! Could not make it work! I am about to turn it off!

Update3: Pepperstone signal is looking awesome so I decided to give it a try again after having an account on Pepperstone. I will update later.

Update 4: Sorry Alexey but your expert is unprofitable for me. I have tried many times on many brokers but still no profit.

Gianluca Bonfanti
2017.09.19 22:57 

Author fixed the issues of version 2.77 and released a safer and more powerful version 3.77.

In my opinion it is a nice step forward.

Sau Man Chan
2017.09.19 09:13 

excellent EA, excellent customer support.

Jesús Torres
2017.09.17 16:48 

months ago that this bot stopped being profitable, and it is not as some suggest that there are many people using EA and it produces too many slips or slippage.

People who voted 5 stars should change their vote to reality so as not to confuse more buyers.

Ineffective EA

2017.09.16 16:27   


My name is Ben, I brought your EA for months and I found the performance and results were very different to the back test or what you shown on your youtube. And the EA didn't place that many orders as what your youtube movie shows.

Could you just tell me how I can download your EA back because I want to reinstall the MT4.


2017.09.14 21:08 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

2017.09.12 21:18 

I am testing for 6 weeks, so far very good performance.....

Have ICM and VPS and it works great. Running all 4 pairs.

Great support from Alex too.

Keep up the good work!

2017.09.12 19:27 

Good result but not with every broker

2017.09.11 17:21 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Nshan Teknedzhyan
2017.09.11 17:03 

Если vps у вас до 5 и ms то советник отлично работает, у mql vps отлично работает, Спасибо автору за быстрый реагирования на вопросы.

Jhon Alexander Bahos Canencio
2017.09.11 16:38 

Going to real this week, demo is going good, im selling 1 activation, post me if u are interested

2017.09.02 03:21 

This EA is broken since last update. The back-testing no longer work and the performance is negative over the whole August month. After several comments over several weeks, the author has never responded to my comments nor acknowledge that their was even a problem. I would not recommend this EA to anyone until it is fixed and performing in back-testing at least as well as the previous version (I wish I could simply install the previous version).

Note the review was very good prior to the last update and are bad there after (it's not just me).

Klairinn Hongling
2017.08.25 17:54 

Poor performance and stop loss does not work following the setting 40 points but today XAUUSD the stop loss is 850 points and lost more than AUD1500, so sad and dangerous EA and need author to update to protect the high slippage

Randy Katz
2017.08.24 20:23 

This EA is NO LONGER profitable in today FX market, 3 months later. Please fix this EA and let us know!

$1000 account reduced to $700 ---- Pepperstone, sub 1ms ping VPS, recommended settings. Author says there is not a problem. It was working fine until just over a month ago.

Mohamed Alghedefe
2017.08.24 14:20 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Trevor Chan
2017.08.12 12:25 

This is one of my best EA collection, although not all broker like this EA, but there are some and the author is very helpfull and respone fast, so five star no doubt, good job Alaxey. Thank you for sharing your EA on the market.

Mohammad Ferdous Bin Shahid
2017.08.11 15:24 

Update : Poor Performance in August.

The performance of Veno EA in Real Account is also identical with Backtest, But you need to increase lot size in real mode, Need an ECN Account & MQL5 Vps, latency 2-3 ms, I suggest, at least 1 month experiment in Demo ECN account then apply to Live Account.

Harold Graells
2017.08.05 00:47   

la nueva version Veno EA 2.77 no funciona

2017.08.02 11:28 

Following all the vendor advice you'll have a stable profit. Almost 50% in one month

thanks aleksey

Joshua Mondragon
2017.08.02 05:12 

First couple days into using Veno with a real account.

- The market is a little unstable right now with EUR/USD & GBP/USD pairs being over bought. So when it breaks the buy stop it doesn't have much room to go.

- It is nice that the S/L is built in on every trade, makes you feel safe.

- The trade literally only lasts for a few minutes, which is nice. Down side is though if you do get a lot of volatility after breaking the stop it can bounce back and hit your stop loss very quickly. In order for this program to work, it needs to blow past your stop.

- Do remember when using an ECN account that you pay commission per a trade ( unless your not in the U.S -_- and have a sweet broker ). This will affect your profit if you dont get a good lump sum on the trade.

- Not giving up on this program yet. it is only 2 days :). I will update with 5 stars once we get some better trades in. All in all though... the backtest and the way the program operates is solid!

2017.08.02 04:12 

not sure about other's reviews.

Jozef Vasko
2017.07.31 12:33 

For me best EA .... Stable profits with little risk ... And best support: D THX

Wen Hao Xu
2017.07.26 07:53   

The EA is very nice, I have a private letter to Alexey, waiting for him to update EA for me.

7.26 The author has helped me update the EA, then take a look at its performance it I have to update the comments from time to time.

Yu Wai Lau
2017.07.24 04:58 

Excellent EA and great support from Alexey! Recommended!

2017.07.23 07:17 

This EA is a great EA and the author Alexey is fast response and gives me great support.

I am trying to use the different brokers to obtain the better results and Alexey always helps.

Chris Pretorius
2017.07.21 07:47 

Without a doubt one of the best EAs on the market at the moment. The author's support is second to none. I've run this EA for two weeks now and have made back more than double what I paid for the EA.

A couple of notes to get the most out of this EA:

1. You need to use a true ECN account, as Veno needs quick order fulfillment to make maximum profits.

2. You should run this EA on a vps. Again because of the nature of the trades, you will normally be in and out of a trade within a few minutes.

I run this EA on an account where I am also signal copying. It feels almost as if Veno was written for this circumstance as it is perfect for a situation like this. It has minimal drawdown, and your trades are normally completed within minutes. That means it doesn't interfere with the signal trades, and you make significant profits. My results more or less perfectly mirror the authors veno pepperstone signal.

Conclusion:If you set this EA up properly, you will make money without any hassles

Federico Sistri
2017.07.20 11:50 

Great EA with strong performances and even greater customer support from Alexey.

Imtiaz Chowdhury
2017.07.19 08:16 

Great EA, well done!

Weerayut Phengsri
2017.07.17 17:59 

very good EA

very good support

but should update EA on mql5. it will be better

Yi chuan Shen
2017.07.10 14:36 

Great EA with low risk.

Using for a long period I can get good results.

And Alex is helpful and friendly.

2017.07.09 21:06 

been testing since a few weeks, results very positive for now, I'm very happy and Alexey alway very helpful and quick response.

update 09.07.2017 very happy with consistent and steady results, Alexey very helpful and always quick in response, can only confirm my 5 star rating

Reinhard Poelzl
2017.07.06 06:48 

Good day has now a month the ea tested really good author really very helpful many thanks have of course extended again

Lmxbobo Bobo
2017.07.04 08:10 

It's a good EA, and the author is very helpful.

2017.07.03 15:01 

This EU works perfectly, especially in the volatile market it works particularly well. Losses are limited very quickly, and let the profits run. The suport from Alexey is also great. I am very happy with this EA.

2017.06.29 17:50   

I have rented this EA for one month, so what is the best setting for it , my broker is direct fx and deposit 2000 usd

Daping Wang
2017.06.26 06:45 







2017.06.22 06:12 


Hello This EA is excellent expert visor

Good support

Chuanqi Zheng
2017.06.20 20:16 

I usd icmarket and 2ms vps now loss 20%

will update the results

Andrey Seregin
2017.06.12 10:19 

Советник имеет хорошую проверенную временем стратегию и простые настройки результаты просто впечатляют на реальном счете.

Хороший саппорт, практически всегда на связи, помогает с любой мелочью.

Надеюсь этот советник будет еще долго меня радовать.


Vadim Kochnev
2017.06.08 20:49 

Добрый день, Алексей!

Советник очень понравился! Показывает очень хорошие результаты. Поставил на реал. счет (надеюсь на такие же результаты)

Спасибо за своевременные ответы на мои вопросы!!!!

2017.06.07 18:12 

Good strategy and the support is excellent!

Eric Emmrich
2017.06.01 19:32 

5 stars for the EA itself and the author's continuous support. After initial struggles with the set up (which Alexey helped me fixing in no time), the EA now runs profitably.

Update 01.06.2017: I cannot thank Alexey enough for creating and sharing Veno. Outstanding performance of almost 30% in May with a drawdown as low as 8%. THANK YOU!

2017.06.01 09:45 

Gran EA, la verdad es que se corresponde con los Backtest hechos con programa de pago al 99% de calidad de modelado. Buen trabajo el de Alexey y buen soporte.

2017.05.31 16:19 

Hello Alexey,

Thank you for your Help, Much Appreciated.

Excellent Support.

I recommend Veno EA.

Tang Ou
2017.05.31 13:56 

Very powerful if it runs. It lasts very short time. Thus, it is very safe. 5 stars performances.

His new signal, Hand Made Milk Money, even better!

2017.05.28 23:57 

This EA works perfectly, its operations correspond to the backtest, and in addition Alexey solves any doubt or problem quickly, being the best way to contact him by private message.

Juan Carlos Saez
2017.05.28 18:21 

Very good ea. Higly recomended

2017.05.02 14:21 

The author is very patient to answer all the questions! Thank you very much

Ali Hasan
2017.05.02 13:44 

Great EA and very helpful creator, always doing great job and continuously improving the EA

keep it up my friend

2017.05.02 07:54 

good service and all. very helpful :D

Victor Butilheiro
2017.05.01 21:12 


Krystof Walter
2017.05.01 10:12 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Tie Cao
2017.04.27 12:08 

I got good feedback of EA, EA works good .We can start to earn money after testing for two weeks . The author reply question very quickly with strong passionate. Especially recommended .

Михаил Грязнов
2017.04.27 02:39   

Месяц аренды и испытании на реальном счете показал прибыль 1%. Считаю, что цена аренды не адекватна прибыли.

2017.04.24 13:48 

This is currently the best EA on the marketplace that I've seen, and performs as described, as well as the forward live tests being identical to backtesting. Alexey offers prompt support, and is very helpful. Excellent product and service.

2017.04.21 19:09 

I'm new with this EA. I think it's good. The author seems good in replying messages and I will update my review after I use the EA on a longer period.



How can I rate this EA with more stars if:

1. Lot size calculation is different between back test and real account.

2. Partial close is not doing correctly. Again, in the lot size.

The support given by author is still ok. Just the EA issue.

2017.04.20 17:25 

At the beginning I had some questions about the installation. Alexey has taken a lot of time to help me. Now it works perfectly and gives me a good income. I am happy with this ea.

2017.04.18 13:43 

Alexey provides what I believe to be an excellent EA. That said, you must be aware that such EA must be given the best possible environment to flourish, that is, extra low spreads, keep commissions as low as possible, VPN a must, with latency the lowest you can get... On top of that, only use it on recommended pairs (EU, GU). In UJ, after some thorough testing, it appears to be working quite nicely as well. When conducting your back-testings, make sure you factor in scenarios with slippages (up to 30% chance against vs 10% chance in favour), commissions, etc. I have done so, and Alexey has earned the benefit of the doubt in my personal opinion. I just wish the EA came with a brief manual so that one can understand better how to set auto lot (it's confusing) + the meaning of new additions like bias pips ... Alexey, if you could work on that, i'd give u 5 stars.

2017.04.14 14:28 

The Ea is only good on Backtesting but not in real market.

Mladen Antonov
2017.04.10 20:41 

Testing for now on real account. Alexey gives great support and responds very fast on questions. I like very much tha EA, it keeps the account safe. I am happy with it!

Satoshi Akiyama
2017.04.07 07:33 

Support is quite enriched so that other people may say.

I'll make them work by the realistic account now, so a star is 4.

The back test is really wonderful.

It's being hoped that I also want there to be a future by such result.

Before Alec becomes busy, I'll recommend you purchase.

Already, it was earned for the purchase price.

Fallet Willy
2017.04.01 09:09 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Gerson Castro
2017.03.30 20:08 

Very Good

2017.03.29 10:53 

Great EA!

It has good backtest result.

I traded it live and I got one close trade with profit.

Seller is also supportive and very generous in helping.

Yagnesh Patel
2017.03.26 09:57 

Excellent EA

I m using from a week and got very good results,

Best part of Ea is very small stoploss and nice rewards,

And Great and quick support by Alexey

God Bless u Alexey,

Dom A
2017.03.23 15:51 

I am very skeptical when I buy EA's I test and retest everything and asses actual trades of sellers before I buy them. Honestly this is one of the best ones out in the market so far. I hope everything goes well in the long run. Different EA's require different brokers for various strategies. This one works great. I love it. Plus great support given by Alexey. Doesn't leave anyone behind. So far the best product I have bought here.

Peter Wild
2017.03.20 22:37 

very good EA!

excellent support!


2017.03.17 18:03 

Real trading coincides with the testing results. I've bought it a month ago and I'm really impressed with the results of trading !

2017.02.22 07:32 

I use the same broker with the vendor .Until now I am happy

Version 3.77 - 2017.09.19
+ protection against large slippage
+ additional settings for the offset of the resistance and support levels
+ simplified the mechanism of automated calculation of the trade volumes
+ setting the operation hours for the trading system
Version 2.77 - 2017.08.03
Fixed the SplitLot parameter
Added the BiasPips parameter - shift of pending orders (in points)
Added the BEStart, BEStop breakeven level