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I need you to make some simple changes to an EA.

I already have an EA that opens a buy limit on the minimum of the last candles, and the TP is adjusting to the maximum of the last candles.

I want make this EA with three entries, the first normal as it is now, the other on the next bar, a buy limit in the minimum of the last candles, and the other on the next bar on the minimum of the lasts candles again. And the exit, does not change. Actually it is the same EA, but with three multiple entries, with the option of how many lots to enter at each entry, and even if there was no entry = 0. Here is the attached image as it works.

I would like to have the option of adding one more condition to open the second and third order.
true or false
Open the buy limit of the second and third order, if the price difference for the first order already opened is greater than x points.



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