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Hello, I need a bot in MT5 A EA that is looking for strong price movements and trend reversals. The system is based on volatility eruptions. The EA opens outstanding orders for each order, and trading is also controlled by a trailing stop. When there is a strong movement in the market, EA opens a trade and moves the trailing stop to the best positions as quickly as possible. Stop loss and take profit are missing. Here is a link of the bot I want to (re-create) https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/43783. You can also find the bot under MQL5 Market calld (Starter MT5) 2 robots as pictures

If you see it in slow motion, you can find out how it works. It's very easy.

1. Download the bot first. (test for free) 2. Please test the bot in the tester MT5. 3. After you see how it works, you can recreate the bot. 4. Let me know if you can recreate this bot (???). 5 The bot must perform the same in live as in the tester. 6. The version shown here does not work directly on the live chart.

7. We need the source file when the project is finished.

The bot works on the tester as (every tick), but NOT on (every tick is based on real ticks). We need it to work on it (every tick is based on real ticks) or on a live chart. Why is that???? We have VPS 3.2 ms with IC Markets 1: 500 and Raw Spread the bot is for US30. Please test with (5ms)

If you can get the source file out of the file, that would be fine !!!. The programmer I bought the bot from is not ready to sell the source file so I can make changes to it.

I hope there is someone who can help with this project.


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