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Identificador de Inside Bar

Identificador de Inside Bar

O Inside Bar é uma formação de vela de reversão / continuação, e é um dos padrões de Candle mais operados pelos trader. Esse indicador permite que você identifique um O Inside Bar no gráfico de forma rápida e fácil, lhe permitindo uma tomada de decisão muito rápida e precisa. Sendo ideal para lhe ajudar nas suas diversas estratégias de Day Trade ou swing trade.

O visual e a marca registrada da análise gráfica por esse motivo esse indicador conta com 3 opções visuais para identificar o candle inside. Sendo elas.

1.     Colorir – o indicador ira pintar o candle Inside.

2.     Setas - o indicador ira incluir uma seda acima e outra abaixo do candle inside.

3.     Check - o indicador ira marcar o candle Inside com um sinal de check.

BoxChart MT5
Evgeny Shevtsov
5 (5)
The market is unfair if only because 10% of participants manage 90% of funds. An ordinary trader has slim changes to stand against these "vultures". This problem can be solved. You just need to be among these 10%, learn to predict their intentions and move with them. Volume is the only preemptive factor that faultlessly works on any timeframe and symbol. First, the volume appears and is accumulated, and only then the price moves. The price moves from one volume to another. Areas of volume accumu
30 USD
Speed Tick
Iurii Tokman
Speed Tick   该指标测量滴答的速度。一秒内的滴答数。它的计算方法是设置中指定的刻度数除以它们出现的时间。 可以通过带有扬声器图标的按钮关闭滴答声出现的声音伴奏,绿色 - 开,红色 - 关。 指标设置说明 number_ticks - 开始计算的刻度数,只有在整个指定的刻度数出现后才会开始计算 _corner - 文本和按钮的锚点,默认右下角 clr_back - 背景颜色 clr_border - 边框颜色 clr_text - 文本颜色 width_border - 边框粗细 file_sound1 - 第一个声音文件 file_sound2 - 第二个声音文件 该指标测量滴答的速度。一秒内的滴答数。它的计算方法是设置中指定的刻度数除以它们出现的时间。 可以通过带有扬声器图标的按钮关闭滴答声出现的声音伴奏,绿色 - 开,红色 - 关。
42 USD
VWAP Bands
Rafael Caetano Pinto
This indicator uses VWAP and projects this VWAP into up to 3 levels, shifted by a percentage of the chart's symbol. How to configure: Choose the symbol and desired graphic time Set the start time of the symbol (in bovespa, WIN and WDO start at 9 o'clock). This time is used as the cutoff reference for VWAP. Check which VWAP period fits the chart better: Ideally, a period when VWAP is not too distant from the chart Set percentage levels: Ideally, you should set levels based on history, so that l
30 USD
Get Trend
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Get Trend indicator was created to neutralize temporary pauses and rollbacks. It analyzes the behavior of the price and, if there is a temporary weakness of the trend, you can notice this from the indicator, as in the case of a pronounced change in the direction of the trend. Currency pairs never rise or fall in a straight line. Their rises and falls are interspersed with pullbacks and turns. Every growth and every fall is reflected in your emotional state: hope is replaced by fear, and w
109 USD
An improved version of the standard Standard Deviation indicator. It is now a responsive and smoothed line. The setup is not straightforward - but I hope you can do it. It is very easy to understand the readings of this indicator, the meaning is the same as that of the usual Standard Deviation. //////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////// I hope this indicator will be very useful to you in successful trading. Good luck.
Ygor Keller Luccas
5 (1)
Dynamic Indicator --> YKL_DinDX Dynamic Indicator that creates a Band based on the distance from moving average specified by the user. The indicator considers the period entered by the user in order to calculate the average distance from moving average, creating an upper band and a lower band. This indicator is utilized by EA YKL_Scalper, version 2.0 or superior.
This indicator is based on the classical indicator Stochastic and will be helpful for those who love and know how to use not a visual but digital representation of the indicator. All MT5 TimeFrames Stochastic indicator shows values from each time frames: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M10, M12, M15, M20, M30, H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1, AND MN1. You will be able to change the main input parameters for each Indicator for every TF. First line of data is representing a Main calculations of the St
40 USD
Elder AutoEnvelope
Financial Trading Seminars Inc.
5 (1)
包络线或通道线设置为平行于移动平均线(如果您使用两个均线,则为慢速均线)。两条通道线必须包含日线图上过去两三个月所有价格的大约 95%,只有极值突出在外面。通道线提供了有吸引力的利润目标——在上线附近卖出多头,在下线附近做空。 AutoEnvelope 是一个自定义指标 - 一个原始工具,通过计算最后 100 根柱线的标准偏差来自动选择通道宽度。它被设计为使用固定通道大小或最多每周更改一次值(在每周图表上每月一次),使其甚至适用于日内数据(使用“固定通道大小”参数从一种模式到另一种模式)。 除了 AutoEnvelope 之外,还绘制了 EMA。这种组合允许您更改 EMA 并使包络跟随它,而无需调整两个单独的指标。如果您不想看到移动平均线,请进入 AutoEnvelope 属性并将平均线(第二行)的颜色更改为“无”。 参数: EMA_长度 (22) – 这是绘制在通道中心的指数移动平均线的条数。 因素 (27) – 这是用于创建通道的标准偏差数(以十分之一表示)。 从统计上讲,2.7 是适合使用的大小,但它假定标准分布,这并不总是存在于市场中。 我们发现 27 适用于大多
39 USD
Tom DeMark developed TD Sequential by hand, through a process of trial and error, in the 1970s. It never ceases to amaze me how something originally created to analyze daily price data can be applied so effectively, more than thirty years later, to any time frame—from one minute to one year—and to any market. The indicator has two components: TD Setup, which relies on momentum to define price ranges, and TD Countdown, which is trend based, and looks for low-risk opportunities to fade establishe
59 USD
Twiggs Money Flow Index was created by Collin Twiggs. It is derived from Chaikin Money Flow Index but uses true ranges instead of highs minus lows to prevent spikes due to gaps. It is also using a smoothing exponential moving average to prevent spikes in volumes to alter results. The exponential moving average is the one described by Welles Wilder for many of his indicators. When Twiggs Money Flow Index is above 0, players are accumulating and thus prices are subject to move higher. When Twiggs
35 USD
蜡烛计数器是一个指标,用于打印当天第一根蜡烛的蜡烛数量。 当天的第一根蜡烛将是数字 1,在此计数中,每根新蜡烛都会增加 1。 输入参数 从偶数、奇数或全部中选择 从蜡烛到打印数字的距离 文本字体大小 文字字体颜色 如果您仍有疑问,请通过直接消息与我联系: https://www.mql5.com/zh/users/robsjunqueira/ ----------------------------------------- 如果可能,请留下您的评论和评论,以帮助向社区传播信息。 还可以了解我们的其他指标和专家顾问。 我有几种有用的指标和专家顾问。 如果您有任何建议,请随时提出建议,这样我才能改进产品,使持续改进永无止境。
你是否厌倦了拥有许多公开图表和观看许多不同的货币对?strongcurrency将监控所有货币对的优势,你不需要太多思考,就给你最好的货币对. StrongCurrency是基于各种技术指标,移动平均线和枢轴的完整交易系统。这些元素中的每一个都可以通过定义的规则和系数进行评估(取决于指标),为StrongCurrency提供了无限优化的方案。StrongCurrency通过评估数据创建一个趋势强度和入场信号列表显示,它显示所有货币对的数据。根据每个货币对趋势强弱获得入场信号。列表数据包括Symbol,BuyPercent,SellPercent,LastBuySignal,LastSellSignal。其中LastBuySignal和LastSellSignal内容显示入场价格,时间,货币对趋势百分比。趋势强度大于70%时,认为是强货币对;该工具适用于外汇市场,指数,金属的数据... 该工具仅在一个图表任意周期上运行,它对于多货币交易者非常有吸引力的,其简化的信息(LastBuySignal和LastSellSignal)可以提供出色的输入信号。帮助您快速,识别强弱货币对。请参见截图
150 USD
ATR Envelopes tfmt5
GTV Holdings, LLC
3.67 (3)
ATR Envelopes use a multiple of the Average True Range and add an upper envelope line and lower envelope line around a moving average. ATR Envelopes are also known as ATR Channels. Typical use is to indicate when the price breaks out of the envelope as the ATR measures volatility. Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith uses this type of indicator as it shows tests of an ATR Channel Breakout trend following system. You can change the moving average period, the Average True Range period, and the number
This indicator uses support and resistance, volume and some special formula to calculate the volume to filter the candles. If the volume reaches a specific value, And at the same time, Candle breaks the support/resistance line, There would be a signal and we can enter the market. Signals appear when the current candle closes. then you can enter the trade when a new candle appears. Please don't forget to follow your money management plan. MT4 Version Support/Resistance Breakout MT4 :   https
299 USD
Special Trailing Sl is a automatic trailing stop_loss. first It will try to free risk your trade then save the profits. first step is to move the SL  50 points below current price for long trades , and 50 points above current price for short trades.First step will happen when the trade get to minimum profit per point. second step : SL will follow the current price with a dynamic distance. This trailing stoploss has been used in my products. I also use it for my manual trading :  https://www.mql5
30 USD
Технический индикатор Price Channel & Bollinger Bands является комбинацией двух наиболее популярных канальных индикаторов. Данный индикатор отображает моменты пробоя как каждого канала по отдельности, так и генерирует сигналу в момент одновременного закрытия цен за линиями поддержки/сопротивления. Каждый пробой подсвечивает свечу определенным цветом, что позволяет убрать линии для более комфортной работы с графиком. В случае одновременного пробоя PC и BB, индикатор также отобразит необходимый ма
30 USD
!!! BLACK FRIDAY SALE - 25% OFF ALL INDICATORS !!! Normally $49 - $36.75 This Weekend! Ends Midnight Sunday 28th November. This dashboard is an alert tool for use with the market structure reversal indicator. It's primary purpose is to alert you to reversal opportunities on specific time frames and also to the re-tests of the alerts (confirmation) as the indicator does. The dashboard is designed to sit on a chart on it's own and work in the background to send you alerts on your chosen pairs
36.75 USD
This Expert Advisor is a full Automated Trading System based on Pivot Points and Double Moving Average. Follows the didactic description: It consists of a strategy to operate mainly in Futures Markets. But it also works on Stock Markets. Can be used to generate Trading Signals. Made for the Exchanges BM&FBOVESPA, NYSE, NASDAQ, Tokyo, London, Euronext, Hong Kong, Shangai, Toronto, Frankfurt, Australian, Bombay, SIX Swiss, BME Spanish, Korea, MICEX-RTS, JSE Limited etc. Motivation Due to the inc
175 USD
Real MACD for MT5
Steven Van Ingelgem
The built-in MACD does not properly display all the different aspects of a real MACD. These are: The difference between 2 moving averages A moving average of (1) A histogram of the difference between (1) and (2) With this indicator you can also tweak it as much as you want: Fast Period (default: 12) Slow Period (default: 26) Signal Period (default: 9) Fast MA type (default: exponential) Slow MA type (default: exponential) Signal MA type (default: exponential) Fast MA applied on (default: close)
30 USD
BeST_Darvas Boxes is a Metatrader Indicator based on the trading method developed in the 50’s by the Hungarian Nicolas Darvas . BeST_Darvas Boxes indicator draws the Top and the Bottom of every Darvas Box that can be confirmed on the current Chart draws Buy and Sell Arrows for every confirmed Upwards or Downwards Breakout of the above levels draws always only after the bar closing and so is non-repainting or backpainting it can be used as a standalone trading system/method Inputs Basic Sett
40 USD
Josue Da Silva Romagnoli
5 (1)
Vegas Tunnel, with up to 20 levels, allowing you to plot or not each level with color change, line thickness and ON/OFF visualization for easy use 100% free and lifetime Recommended use for time frames: Original --> H1 Fractals --> M15, M30, H4, D1 and W1 When the black dots are above the tunnel, start short positions. When the black dots are below the tunnel, start long positions. It's important to remember that just because the market breaks the line of lying doesn't mean it's time to enter a
Artyom Trishkin
3.83 (6)
The indicator is looking for a Price Action double bar reversal pattern. A double bar with similar Lows and higher Close - DBLHC (bullish setup) A double bar with similar Highs and lower Close - DBHLC (bearish setup) A pattern may consist of two, three or even four bars. It is believed that the more bars form a pattern, the stronger it is. The indicator has five configurable parameters: The difference between adjacent high or low - difference between High and Low of adjacent bars forming a patt
MACD Intraday Trend
4.67 (12)
MACD 日内趋势是通过改编自 Gerald Appel 在 1960 年代创建的原始 MACD 而开发的指标。 通过多年的交易,观察到通过使用斐波那契比例更改 MACD 的参数,我们可以更好地呈现趋势运动的连续性,从而可以更有效地检测价格趋势的开始和结束。 由于其检测价格趋势的效率,还可以非常清楚地识别顶部和底部的背离,从而更好地利用交易机会。 请务必尝试我们具有可配置功能和警报的专业版本: MACD Intraday Trend PRO 特征 适用于任何货币对 在任何时间范围内工作 适用于 Renko 图表 如果您仍有疑问,请通过直接消息与我联系: https://www.mql5.com/zh/users/robsjunqueira/ ----------------------------------------- 如果可能,请留下您的评论和评论,以帮助向社区传播信息。 还可以了解我们的其他指标和专家顾问。 我有几种有用的指标和专家顾问。 如果您有任何建议,请随时提出建议,这样我才能改进产品,使持续改进永无止境。
Trajecta Destiny
Rogerio Figurelli
Trajecta Destiny is an innovative semi-automatic trading signal indicator, for any pair or period, that has a built in system to detect the best and worst moments of the signal. The idea is to give visibility to the trader to the best time to trade, with a trend panel and easy visual backtesting of the strategy for any pair or timeframe. You don't need any adjustment, since the indicator will look for the buy/sell signals and alert you with an optional popup alert message and was adjusted using
30 USD
Buy Sell Strength
Lihong Guo
3 (4)
Buy Sell Strength (BSS) is a technical analysis oscillator, showing bullish (buy) and bearish (sell) strength by comparing upward and downward stock momentum movements. The BSS is easy to interpret: 1. When BBS Histogram is Green, it is bullish, when it is Red, it is bearish. 2. BSS is considered overbought when it is closer to Top Line and oversold when it is closer to Bottom Line. 3. When it shows Buy signal near the Bottom line, it is a more reliable signal. 4. Sound, Pop-up message, Push
35 USD
DMC Average Volume
Deibson Carvalho
4 (1)
516/5000 Average volume indicator to calculate the average volume for a given period. Useful as a filter to measure the strength of a trend, or false breaks in support or resistance. It does not give a signal to buy or sell, it only acts as a filter to avoid entering into transactions with a drop in volume, or below-average volume, which may indicate disinterest in trading at the price level. It has only the parameters of period, method of calculating the average and type of volume.
Money Flow Index EA Friendly
Flavio Jarabeck
4.25 (4)
The traditional Money Flow Index indicator, this time, EA friendly . There are 3 buffers exposed that can be used by EAs to automatically analyze the Overbought and Oversold conditions of the quote. Just use the traditional iCustom() function to get these signals. This Money Flow Index calculation is based on the traditional Metaquote's MFI indicator. SETTINGS MFI Period Volume type to analyze (Real Volume or Ticks) Starting Overbought region Starting Oversold region USING WITH EAs Buffer
Information This Indicator draws different sets of colored candles above and below a Kijun Sen (KS) line. Candles above the KS line are light Blue for an up candle and dark Blue for a down candle. Candles below the KS line are light Red for an up candle and dark Red for a down candle The user is required to ensure that the Kijun Sen period on both the present Indicator and the user provided Kijun Sen match each other exactly. Use of this Indicator requires that Candlesticks, Price Bars or Pri
Round Numbers & Background The WaltSoft RNB Plus Indicator adds scale and perspective to your charts. In addition, this plus+ version can Alert you with a pop-up Alert, a Notification on your mobile or an Email when price reaches a Big Round Number . Description On a naked chart you have no clue of how much price has moved. But put the WaltSoft RNB on your chart and it draws an alternating color background (grid) with a scale you can choose. Not only that, but it also draws horizontal li
30 USD
This indicator finds a pinbar in the chart and marks it . Indicator has individual settings and it is possible to turn on the alarm. The Pin Bar The Pin Bar is very different from other reversal candlestick chart formations because it is a bar/candlestick with a long tail or wick, a very short body. The name itself (the pin “bar”) refers to using a bar chart but I prefer using candlestick charts can help you see the formation clearly on a chart. This is a more detailed analysis of the pin ba
50 USD
IndCorrelationTable Ind Correlation Table - 旨在帮助交易者使用基于货币对的相关依赖性的方法在外汇市场进行交易。两个工具之间的相关性依赖性通过K.Pearson和C. Spearman的系数计算。该表的主要功能是输出关于根据预先设定的参数打开“一揽子”交易的可能性的形式化信号,以及根据该策略的交易方向。如果需要通知其他设备,可以通过推送通知以及通过电子邮件复制信号。 应用: 计算相关系数(转换在蜡烛结束时进行)。 要处理指标的输入参数,已经设置了建议的阈值。 要增加信号数量,您可以同时在多个时间帧上应用表格(建议的时间范围从M15到H1)。 指标参数 符号(1,2,3) - 货币对的篮子列表(限制一个列表中输入的篮子数量17)。 TimeFrame - 时间范围。 PeriodPearson - 计算Pearson系数的周期值。 PeriodSpearmen - Spearman系数计算的周期值。 NegativeCorrelationLevel - 负相关的阈值。 AddPrice - 计算参数。 RsiPeriod 是RSI指标的周期。
95 USD
Currency Strength Meter is the easiest way to identify strong and weak currencies.   The   indicator shows the relative strength of 8 major currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. By default the strength value is normalised to the range from 0 to 100 for RSI algorithm: The value above 60 means strong currency; The value below 40 means weak currency; The indicator is created and optimized for using it externally at an Expert Advisors or as a Custom Indicator inside your programs.
80 USD
How to use Pair Trading Station Pair Trading Station is recommended for H1 time frame and you can use it for any currency pairs. To generate buy and sell signal, follow few steps below to apply Pair Trading Station to your MetaTrader terminal. When you load Pair Trading Station on your chart, Pair Trading station will assess available historical data in your MetaTrader platforms for each currency pair. On your chart, the amount of historical data available will be displayed for each currency pai
280 USD
Citra Bot MT5
Philip Pankaj
Inspired from, Time is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying past price records you will be able to prove to yourself history does repeat and by knowing the past you can tell the future. There is a definite relation between price and time. - William Delbert Gann CITRA BOT is a Price Action/Price Pattern detection Indicator which uses historical data to validate a current pattern or profile to predict the probability of hitting future resistance or support lev
89 USD
Distribution Range Bands gives a prediction of the amount, how much the asset is moving from its current price. The range bands give probabilities, that the candle close will not exceed this certain price level. It is also called the expected move for the current candle close.   This Indicator is based on statistical methods, probabilities and volatility. Asset price is assumed to follow a log-normal distributed. Therefore, log returns are used in this indicator to determine the distribution, as
89 USD
Percentile of Historical Volatility and Correlation Coefficient shows if the asset currently is cheap or expensive based on the “usual” volatility. It is used to determine a good entry point. It has two indicators built in. Historical Volatility is ranked percentile wise and its correlation to price action which gives an indication of the direction of a future move. Together the both indicators can give good entries and direction.   Historical Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersio
89 USD
MT Moving Average MT Moving Average is an easy to use multi time frame moving average indicator. It shows moving averages (SMA or EMA) of current symbol from all time frames (higher and lower). No need to switch between time frames anymore. With help of the indicator panel you can select which timeframe should be shown on the chart. I.e. your current timeframe is M5 and you can turn on M15 to see the the moving average of period M15. Indicator settings Dark interface --> Set to true to use d
99 USD
PipFinite Exit Scope MT5
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
Did You Have A Profitable Trade But Suddenly Reversed? Exiting a trade is equally important as entering! Exit Scope helps maximize your current trade profit and avoid turning winning trades to losers. Attention Exit Signals are NOT to be used in entering a trade! Exit means closing your trades to avoid correction/reversal which can wipe out existing profit or haunt break-even orders. Please watch presentation (Click Here) Features Generates instant exit signals based on price action, volat
88 USD
Entry Points Pro for MT5
Yury Orlov
4.78 (74)
这款指标用于 MT5,可提供准确的入场交易信号,且无重绘。 它可应用在任何金融资产:外汇、加密货币、贵金属、股票、指数。 它将提供极其精准的评估,并告诉您何时开仓和平仓的最佳时机。 观看 视频 (6:22),其中包含一个仅处理单一信号的示例,该信号即可值回指标购价! 大多数交易者在 Entry Points Pro 指标的帮助下,在第一个交易周内即改善了他们的交易结果。 订阅我们的 Telegram 群 ! Entry Points Pro 指标的益处。 入场信号无重绘 如果信号出现,并得到确认,则它不会再消失;不像是重绘指标,它会导致重大的财产损失,因为它们可以在显示信号后再将其删除。 无差错开仓 指标算法可令您找到入场交易(买入或卖出资产)的理想时机,从而提高每位交易者的成功率。 Entry Points Pro 可操作任何资产 它允许您在 MT5 平台上交易任何经纪商的加密货币、股票、贵金属、指数、大宗商品和货币。 提供任何方向的信号 Entry Points Pro 指标提供针对任意价格走势的入场交易信号 - 上涨、下跌或横盘(横向)。
125 USD
The z-score of returns and price indicator (ZRP) shows the z-score of the log returns which were assumed to follow a normal distribution and the z-score of the price. Returns are mean reverting and assumed to follow a normal distribution, therefore z-score calculation of returns is more reliable than z-score on price, as price is NOT mean reverting and follow NOT a normal distribution but a log-normal distribution.   Z-score measures the distance to the mean in terms of standard deviation. If z
89 USD
FX Power MT5
Daniel Stein
4.24 (21)
You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader?  1.  Read the basic description of our simple trading  system  &  and it's major strategy update in 2020   2.   Send a screenshot of your purchase to get your personal invitation to our exclusive trading chat FX Power   is the first currency strength meter with a complete history across all time frames. It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability trades. Key Features Complete str
75 USD
FX Volume MT5
Daniel Stein
5 (8)
Following the smart money is finally possible! FX Volume   is the FIRST and ONLY volume indicator   that provides a REAL insight into the market sentiment from a broker's point of view. It provides awesome insights into how institutional market participants, like brokers, are positioned in the Forex market, much faster than COT reports. Seeing this information directly on your chart is the real game-changer and breakthrough solution for your trading. Get more information, like FAQs, tradin
120 USD
*Non-Repainting Indicator Arrow Indicator with Push Notification based on the Synthethic Savages strategy for synthethic indices on binary broker. Signals will only fire when the Synthethic Savages Strategy Criteria is met BUT MUST be filtered. Best Signals on Fresh Alerts after our Savage EMA's Cross. Synthethic Savage Alerts is an indicator that shows entry signals with the trend. A great tool to add to any chart.  Best Signals occur on Fresh Alerts after our Savage EMA's Cross + Signal
98 USD
A powerful oscillator that provide Buy and Sell signals by calculating the investor liquidity. The more liquidity the more buy possibilities. The less liquidity the more sell possibilities. Very very good and accurate for Scalping . HOW IT WORKS: The oscillator will put buy and sell arrow on the chart. Top value is 95 to 100 -> Investors are ready to buy and you should follow. Bottom value is 5 to 0 -> Investors are ready to sell and you should follow.
99 USD
FX Trend MT5
Daniel Stein
4.58 (31)
You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader?  1.  Read the basic description of our simple trading  system  &  and it's major strategy update in 2020   2.   Send a screenshot of your purchase to get your personal invitation to our exclusive trading chat FX Trend displays the trend direction, duration, intensity and the resulting trend rating for all time frames in real time. You'll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerf
75 USD
Gold Stuff mt5
Vasiliy Strukov
5 (33)
Gold Stuff mt5 is a trend indicator designed specifically for gold and can also be used on any financial instrument. The indicator does not redraw and does not lag. Recommended time frame H1. Contact me after purchase!  SETTINGS Draw Arrow - on off. drawing arrows on the chart. Alerts -   on off audible alerts. E-mail notification - on off. email notifications. Puch-notification - on off. Push notifications. Next, adjust the color gamut.
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(FOR MT5)  Double Top Scanner Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame :   This indicator has been designed to automatically identify high probability double tops and double bottoms. It can also be used to identify triple-tops and triple-bottoms. And it includes an RSI trend filter, in order to identify the formations that occur at the top (or bottom) of a trend. IMPORTANT FACTORS TO KEEP IN MIND: Any major level that holds 2 or 3 times is obviously a level that is being defended by the large institut
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Elliot Waves Analyzer Pro
Viktor Weidenthal
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Elliot Waves Analyzer Pro calculates Elliot Waves to Help Identify Trend direction and Entry Levels. Mainly for Swing Trading Strategies. Usually one would open a Position in trend direction for Wave 3 or a Correction for Wave C . This Indicator draws Target Levels for the current and next wave. Most important Rules for Elliot Wave Analysis are verified by the Indicator.  The Pro version analyzes Multiple Timeframes and shows the Subwaves and Target-Levels.   For an Overview  " Elliot Waves Anal
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Dmitriy Sychev
DSeize DSeize - это индикатор для совершения покупки/продажи в MetaTrader 5. Простой и понятный индикатор, показывающий точки входа в рынок. Прекрасно подходит как для начинающих, так и для профессиональных трейдеров. Рекомендуемый таймфрейм H1. Рекомендуемые валютные пары: Мультивалютный. Работает как на 4-х, так и на 5-и значных котировках. Сигналы индикатора не перерисовываются. Особенности Вход совершается при закрытии часовой свечи и появлении индикатора. Сигналы не перерисовываются. С
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FXC iCCI-DivergencE MT5 Indicator This is an advanced CCI indicator that finds trend-turn divergences on the current symbol. The indicator detects divergence between the CCI and the price movements as a strong trend-turn pattern. Main features: Advanced divergence settings Price based on Close, Open or High/Low prices Give Buy/Sell open signals PUSH notifications E-mail sending Pop-up alert Customizeable Information panel Input parameters: CCI Period: The Period size of the CCI indicator. C
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Pentagram MT5
Andrey Ziablytsev
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Automatic marking of the chart with Pentagram models. This model is based on the Expansion Model from Adversa Tactics. Designed to determine the trend and predict possible levels and targets of price correction in the future. The model describes a developing trend. The trend is relevant until the price crosses the trend line of the model in the opposite direction. Levels of rays of the pentagram, level of HP, distances of 100% and 200% of the distance between points 1-4, levels of HP are possibl
300 USD
(FOR MT5)  Breakout Scanner Multi Pair And Multi Time Frame :   This indicator has been designed to automatically identify high probability breakout patterns. And it does this by finding very strong, symmetrical pennants and triangles. IMPORTANT FACTORS TO KEEP IN MIND: Pennants and triangles are some of the best possible entry areas. As they allow you  to have excellent risk and reward ratios. And this is one of the most important factors  in the institutional trading world.  PLEASE NOTE: 
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VolumeProfile MT5
Robert Hess
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Description: The Volume Profile displays detailed informations of historical trading activities at certain price levels (Market Profile). Locate the areas with the best prices in the market and get an advantage over other market participants. Features: Customizable Volume Profile / Market Profile Shows the "fair" Value Area with 70% of all Volume Shows critical low volume zones Shows VPOC, VAL and VAH Points integrated resource management to reduce the load while working with multiple charts
165 USD
The 'Volume by Price' indicator can visualize the complex relations between volume, price and time in easy to interpret forms to setup basic or advanced compositions. Features Volume Profile histogram, opacity-based background, area and line chart. Market Profile (Time Price Opportunity) expandable letter- and block-based marker structure, area and line chart. Initial Balance. Volume by Time histogram and bubble chart, and Volume Weighted Average Price. Comprehensive composition object position
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Blahtech Supply Demand MT5
Blahtech Limited
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Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones. Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detecto
99 USD
Euporiafx Auto Analyst
Rofhiwa Bruce Nthulane
This is a supply and demand indicator, it identifies all the supply and demands for you and tells you the direction for each timeframe, draws BOS(break of structure line) and QM Lines. The Indicator is smooth and fast, just switch time frames and all the analysis will be drawn for you. This indicator can be used to trade any instrument of your choice, for best results switch to the monthly time frame and check the direction the indicator is giving you, then go to Daily and H4 to find areas of se
280 USD
Fibo World MT5
Pavel Verveyko
The indicator builds a graphical analysis based on the Fibonacci theory. Fibo Fan is used for the analysis of the impulses and corrections of the movement. Reversal lines (2 lines at the base of the Fibonacci fan) are used to analyze the direction of movements. The indicator displays the of 4 the target line in each direction. The indicator takes into account market volatility. If the price is above the reversal lines, it makes sense to consider buying, if lower, then selling. You can op
97 USD
Giordano Bruno indicator - was created to neutralize temporary pauses and pullbacks. It analyzes the price behavior and if there is a temporary weakness in the trend, you can see it from the indicator readings, as in the case of a pronounced change in the direction of the trend. It is not difficult to enter the market, but it is much more difficult to stay in it. With the Giordano Bruno indicator and its unique trend line, it will be much easier to stay in the trend! Every rise and every fall
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Weis Wave with Alert MT5
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
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** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more infor visit    http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com   Different Wave Types can be sellected. Choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves ** IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE. Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodology and Q&A on any lifetime purchase. How to trade with it:   ht
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ToolBox 360 is the swiss knife of all indicators. It is full packed with useful tools to help you with your trading. It can be used to find best entry and exit points and help you to decide if you should open a trade or not. It shows market trends, candlestick formations outside / inside bars and you can sett time based allerts. Main features: Time based Fibonacci lines Choose a start and end time and the indicator shows you Fibonacci lines within the selected time range including range high
399 USD
Robot Manual Order Manager is a tool that allows you to automatically include Stop Loss, Breakeven, Take Profit and partials in open trades. Be it a market order or a limit order. Besides, it automatically conducts your trade, moving your stop or ending trades, according to the parameters you choose. To make your operations more effective, the Manual Orders Manager Robot has several indicators that can be configured to work on your trade. Among the options you can count on the features: Conducti
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The Inside Bar e one is a reversal/continuation candle formation, and is one of the most traded candle patterns. Robot F1 allows you to configure different trading strategies, Day Trade or swing trade, based on the Inside Bar as a starting point.  This pattern only requires two candles to perform. Robot F1 uses this extremely efficient pattern to identify trading opportunities. To make operations more effective, it has indicators that can be configured according to your strategy. Among th
150 USD