Convert script Exhaustion Bars from other charting to MT4 indicator.

2019.05.14 指标 转化中


this is the script from a charting software indicator  called Exhaustion Bars.

I dont know what script or code language it is written in. 

I read once it is similar to C but know very little about coding.

I found out today that it may be written in code called Qscript. 

I downloaded a qscript editor and was able to open 1of 2 files.

the other one was not in simply symbols and alphanumeric characters.

If you cant figure it, I may be able to find out what language the script is.

There are actually two version. Exh Bar 1 and Exh Bar 2. 

Attached is the script for them from the scripts file from the program. 

Can someone convert it into an indicator for MT4?

I have not used this service before.  this is a project i have had on my mind for some time. 

let me know. 



30 - 50 USD
 10  30 天