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Pro Trend EA Audusd

Pro Trend EA AUDUSD is an automated expert advisor that can open trades using long and medium term trends. Pro Trend EA works with AUDUSD symbol. EA has at least 100  strategies. Pro Trend EA  AUDUSD works without being affected by market movements with more than 100  strategies without sticking to a few strategies.

Recommendations and Features
  • Pro Trend EA AUDUSD works with  AUDUSD pair.
  • EA has more than 100  strategies
  • It works with the H1 timeframe.
  • Orders start with the new bar opening. Calculations are calculated based on the old bar close. Therefore, there is no slip.
  • We calculated the  of our strategies as stoploss 50 pips and takeprofit 50 pips. And we determined our  strategies.
  • We recommend using a VPS to use EA. In this way, you can trade uninterrupted.
  • Recommended account balance and lot setting.
    •  $ 1000  0.01 lot
    •  $ 2000  0.02 lot
    •  $ 3000  0.03 lot
Click the link to view the full version of "Pro Trend EA " working with 5 Pairs


  • ===== Pair Setting ======
  • Pair Setting = AUDUSD
  • ====== Lot Setting =====
  • Lot = This section is used for fixed lot setting. If this partition is greater than zero, RiskPercent is disabled.
  • RiskPercent = Use this section for automatic lot. RiskPercent is disabled if the lot is greater than zero.
  • Max_Lot = You can set the maximum lot size from this section.
  • ===== SL TP Setting =====
  • SL = Stoploss setting
  • TP = Takeprofit setting
  • ===== Trailing Setting =====
  • Trailing = If you want to use Trailing, you can activate this section.
    • True
    • False
  • Trail Start = Used to determine the trail start starting point. When Trail makes snow as much as Trail step distance with start, Stop Loss Trail comes to the start point.
  • Trail Step = Stoploss step setting
  • Trail Stop = Price After reaching the Trail start point, Trail step and Trail stop are activated. When price moves up to Trail step + Trail Stop. It proceeds up to Stoploss Trail Stop.
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