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CEF Oasis MT4 Lite


The indicator is based on a proven successful strategy. It shows buys and sello signals with suggested stop and target. In the same way, it calculates the essential trading analysis statistics as successful and profit ratio.

Discord Channel for support and discussions:    https://discord.gg/Q9CTPNU

Indicator features

  • Effective and understandable signals.
  • It can be used as a complete trading strategy.
  • Complete trading statistics to evaluate the indicator performance.
  • It shows exact exit points.
  • It shows the real profit expectancy through its profit factor, risk/reward, and successful ratio indicators.
  • The indicator doesn´t repaint.
  • It works in all symbols.
  • Integrated alerts.
  • It can integrate with any robot or expert adviser.

Display Metrics

All the following metrics are calculated based on selected Money Management strategy and don´t have into account commissions, spreads, swaps, or any other transactional cost.

  • Number of Trades
  • Win/Loss
  • Points Won in closed win operations
  • Points Lose in closed lose operations
  • Net Points: Points won minus points lost
  • Success Ratio: Percentage of win operations
  • Profit Ratio: Points Won / Points Lose
  • Reward/Risk: Average points won / Average points lost


Indicator parameter:

  • Signal Parameter: Sensibility parameter of the indicator
  • ATR Sensitivity: ATR Sensibility Parameter.
  • Candles to calculate: Candles to calculate the indicator
  • Show Display, Objects, and Indicator.

Money management Parameters:

  • Money Management Strategy: Define what method used to calculate the Display Indicators (Exit on TP1, Close the trade when the price reach target 1; Exit on TP2, Close the trade when price reach target 2 and set a break-even stop in open price when price reach target 1; Partial Exits, Close half of the trade on target 1, half on target 2. and set a break-even stop in open price when price reach target 1.)
  • Trading method: Select if you can trade in the same direction repeatedly
  • Stop Type: Selection between stop type
  • Multiplier Range Stop: Multiplier If range stop method is selected
  • Multiplier of Target 1
  • Multiplier of Target 2
  • Limitation of TP2 based on TP1

Other Parameters

  • Alerts parameters
  • Objects color, size and style parameters
  • Display parameters.

We recommend trade in an asset that show a profit factor of the last 1000 candles of at least 1.1. Also, you can apply trend, currency strength, among other filters, to adapt the signals to your personal strategy.

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Версия 1.22 2020.08.28
Update Display Metrics
Adjust Parameters
Fix Minor Bugs