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Super Trends EurUSD Gold Currencies MT5

This is a generic MetaTrader 5 MQL5 Expert Advisor EA Robot that you can use to trade Gold and Currencies as well.

For Gold specific trading, which is based on Indicators, you can check out Gold Super Trends here;


What do we mean by Generic, is that it does not depend on Indicators, it's direct connection to the real time ticks on the charts.

That's why, this Expert Advisor EA Robot can be use anytime and can be back tested with any year at any time with no problems.

With as low as $10,000.00 Ten Thousand Dollars it's possible to make 17X your initial deposit if few month. As much as $167,000,000.00 using no scaling or multi position systems.

With Scaling system enabled and starting with $10,000.00 only, it's possible to gain in few months as much as $1,580,000.00 One Million and a half dollar.

With Multi Position system enabled and starting with $10,000.00 only, it's possible to gain in few months as much as $575,000.00 Five Hundred Thousand dollar.

Combining both systems, Multi Position and Scaling systems, the sky is the limit!

For people with $1,000,000.00 1 million dollar, and using both Scaling and Multi Position systems, it's possible to reach $461,000,000.00 in just few months.

Of course with corporates and banks that have millions or more, the possibilities are limitless.

Benefits of this EA;

- Multi Position System.

- Scaling System.

- Risk Control System.

- Flip Loss System.

- Ability to start, pause and stop trading.

- Ability to not trade certain days fo the week.

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Версия 1.3 2020.08.12
Added dynamic AutoStop Loss for safer trading.
It will assign auto stop for each position and will also dynamically adjust that value as the position continues to exist.
Версия 1.2 2020.08.07
Tweaks and improvement to buy and sell logic to reach new heights and lessen the losses.
Now with same periods backtested before, the gains are multiplied and losses are at minimal.
Версия 1.1 2020.08.03
Added some control for scaling system.
You can now control the lot size and total balance percentage.
Safe setting would be 5 and 10%.