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Scalping Endgame

Scalping Endgame aims to make the most profit from every trade, and do this as frequent as possible to make many small gains while you rest.

Scalping Endgame will be scalping the market's every move at the best entry possible, and with an attempt to make the best risk to reward ratio and not just take 1-3 pips when a 20 pip scalp spike move occurs without pullback. 

  • Hedge Mode: Uses this mode to make money twice as fast to make money whichever direction price decides to go furthest.
  • Magic Number: So you can make your longer term trades on the same account and pair while EA Works only with its own trades.
  • Activity Filter: Measures the activity in the market in order to not trade during quieter times in order to minimize losses and retain more profits made.
  • Spread Validation: Will not trade on spreads above 1.5 pips

  • Pairs: This EA works best with GBPUSD cause of it's significant minor moves while having a small spread.
  • Time Frame: Doesn't base trades on chart time frames.
  • Max Return: For Maximum return per trade use 6% Risk per trade (Requires 500:1 Leverage)
  • Low Deposit, High Risk, High Reward: This EA is developed to make high returns from fraction deposits so it's recommended to deposit 0.5% of your $100,000 ($500) and make High returns with money you're able to lose on one trade.
  • Lowest Spread possible: EA works best at Low Spreads as 3 points max (without commission) for best results. The Lower the significantly better. Try negotiating with the broker on how to compensate the commission.

  • RiskPerTrade: Risk % of Balance at stop loss (Best / Max 6%)
  • Aggression: How quicky EA exits trades on pull backs (Increase from 2 if broker spread isn't optimal / as specified)
  • placedDist: Distance between price and entry (Increase from 2 if broker spread isn't optimal / as specified)

The better the conditions the more powerful this ea will be, so get these conditions at all costs (3 point Spread or less with no commission per lot/trade)

Please do send feedback after purchases so I can make new versions and make this the best EA in the world, and better.
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Версия 1.21 2020.08.09
Minor bug fixes
Версия 1.2 2020.08.09
Lot Size settings upgraded