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MA Tank


Expert adviser MA Tank  - 100% fully automatic trading robot for Meta Trader 5. Driven by a standard Moving Average indicator and trades conducted as MA signals are generated. Open position buy or sell closes by a change in the signal and/or if stop loss/trailing stop got hit. There is no fixed take profit level in this adviser,trailing stop will maximize the profits and secure it accordingly. Adviser does not use any kind of dangerous trading techniques and always open one order at a time.  


  • Risk assessment - Trade with dynamic position size risk percent or with fixed lots
  • Two stop loss modes - Automatic or defined. In 'Automatic' mode stop loss is set by previous daily range,in 'Defined' mode you input your own desired level.
  • Trailing stop to maximize and secure profits
  • Spread filter - Filter out trading activity on extremely high spreads
  • Weekday manager  Mon-Fri
  • Default settings ready to trade EurUsd time frame H1


It's fast and easy,select settings # 8,9,11-16 and follow the start/step/stop range guide.

  1. Do the first run with 'Open prices only'
  2. Select your desired set found and run the final test on 'Every tick based on real ticks'

Adviser settings

  • Risk assessment - Fixed lots or dynamic positions risk percentage
  • General settings - Magic number,slippage and spread filter
  • Order settings - Automatic or defined stop loss level
  • Trailing stop settings - Stop pips, step pips
  • Weekday manager - Manage which weekdays to trade on
  • Dash board settings - Back ground and frame colors


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