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CI DashBoard Ichimoku Price Kijun MT5

If you are looking for the moment when prices come back on their kijun to trade then this market scanner will be your best ally 😉.

This DashBoard MT5 looks for price drops on their kijun and signals them to you on the condition that chikou is free of any obstacle. Because prices don't necessarily bounce right off their kijun, you can choose a price approach level on their kijun, by default this level is 15% (0.15). You can choose the candlestick giving the signal, either on the candlestick in formation or on the last full candlestick. This Dashboard will adapt perfectly to your workspace by modifying the colors of the signals as well as the texts.

I put at your disposal 3 versions:

  •     The Basic version, which scans up to 20 values on the 9 main time units, displays the signals visually on the DashBoard but also in the alert window (Pop Up). This version is ideal if you stay in front of your screens.
  •     The Nomad version (only available on ChartsInside.fr) is the same as the Basic version with 180 graphs analyzed and alerts sent by email or notification on SmartPhone & Tablet. This version is preferable if you can't stay in front of or close to your charts.
  •     The Extreme version (available only on ChartsInside.fr) which includes the Nomad version with a maximum of 30 values analyzed and over 21 time units.

DashBoard fully customizable to your trading space

Come visit my website chartsInside.fr for more options on this DashBoard

  • Sending alerts by email
  • Sending alerts by MetaTrader4 Notification App
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) function

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