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                                                     B A D A S S

                                     That's what it is...nothing more, nothing less!


Expert adviser BadAss - 100% algorithmic secure and stable trading robot for Meta trader 4. It's a total bad ass,you will be surprised of it's capability and easiness of use with it's lightweight input settings,suitable for the professional trader as well as the newbie. Strategy will not be discussed or revealed in any way but don't worry...adviser does not use any kind of dangerous trading strategies - always one order at a time with stop loss and take profit, yes that's it. Completely virtual order management with attached hard stop to protect and secure your funds in case of a server-terminal connection loss.


  • VPS
  • ECN account
  • Stop level 0
  • Low spread
  • Funded account with at least $200 based on leverage 1:500


  • Completely virtual order management with attached hard stop
  • Default settings ready to trade on EurUsd H1
  • Not hyper sensitive to spreads and slippage
  • Settings menu complete with optimization steps and range

Default settings and optimizations

BadAss default settings been optimized on symbol EurUsd and time frame H1 (works only on this time frame) period January - Mars 2020 (3 months). Larger periods not been tested but may work fine as well. Some advice you may consider to follow when you perform an optimization;

  • To pick the best settings found when optimizing, look among those with highest profit factors, low draw down and not to many trades.
  • You can do the optimization quickly with 'Control' points or the slow time consuming way 'Every tick'. If you choose the first way, make sure to test settings on 'Every tick' before use to make sure they hold up. Usually a 3 month period optimization on control points takes less then 10 minutes.

BadAss input settings

  • Risk setup - Trade with fixed lot (not recommended), dynamic positions size risk percentage (recommended)
  • Adviser setup - Slippage,magic number,max traded spread,order string comments,pause trading and execution retry counter
  • Order setup - SL/TP factors buy/sell,hard stop distance from virtual stop loss - including optimization steps and range
  • Delta factors - x1-x5 including optimization steps and range


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