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Trend Line Map Free

Important Note :

1. Trend Line Map is a Trend Line Scanner based on Trend Screener Indicator. Please make sure that you get Trend Screener Pro before getting Trend Line Map indicator.

2.  If you don't have Trend Screener Pro Indicator, the Trend Line Pro it will not work.

Trend Screener Pro Link  =>   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46303

Trend Screener Free Link =>  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46399

Trend Line Map indicator is an addons for Trend Screener. It's  working as a scanner for all signals generated by Trend screener ( Trend Line Signals ) and will display :

  1. Intraday Signals and  Swing Signals.
  2. Trend Line Buy signals.
  3. Trend Line Sell Signals.
  4. The time of the signal.
  5. The profit of all current signals.
  6. The loss of all current signals.

1. Advantages You Get Easy

  1. Visual and effective Trend Line Buy and Sell Signal.
  2. Never repaints, never back paints, never recalculates after bar closing.
  3. Display Buy and Sell signals based on Currencies and TimeFrames.
  4. Display the profit/loss in pips of all live signals.
  5. Display the timing of signals.
  6. Getting Alerts to buy and sell alerts.

2. How to use Trend Line Map

  1. You buy Trend Screener Pro version indicator Or Download Trend Screener Free version .
  2. You attach the Trend line Map indicator in the chart.
  3. You will get alerts and getting buy/sell signals and monitoring the live/loss of every signal.
  4. You can monitor the Intraday Signals or Swing Signals.

How to display buy-Sell signals dashboard ?please visit ►  Click Here

3. Pro version VS Free version

Trend Line Map Pro : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/48086 

Free Version Pro Version
Display M30 Signals
Display H1 Signals    Available
Display H4 Signals  Available Available 
Display D1 Signals    Available 
Display W1 Signals  Available  Available 
Display Monthly Signals   Available 
Pop-up Alert and Notification to: mobile, email     Available 

If you have some questions or if you need help :

1. Contact me via Private Message.

2. Email me:  sayadigroup@gmail.com 

3.  Via telegram chat:     https://t.me/trading_screener


SAYADI ACHREF , fintech software engineer and founder MT4screener/MT5screener. 

Отзывы 1
alaeddinekerkeni 2020.04.24 03:25 

Thank you for sharing H4 signals !

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alaeddinekerkeni 2020.04.24 03:25 

Thank you for sharing H4 signals !

Версия 6.0 2020.07.29
1. Adjusting the default setting.
Версия 3.20 2020.05.10
1. Optimizing default setting.
Версия 2.70 2020.04.14
1. Optimization of calculation speed.
Версия 2.50 2020.04.11
1. Optimizing signal calculator.