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Order box TEAM

Order Management tool for order execution, alerts and pattern detection

Helps trader to be more efficient with placing orders and defining right targets for a trade. It also protects trader before unfavorable market conditions. It offers a lot of different price notification functions. 

With Trading box Order Management you can create Order box "virtual market order" from rectangle with click on a button. Order box will calculate lot size (position size calculator mt4) for every order, total stop loss in deposit currency, risk in percentage of account balance, total profit from all targets and order box size in pips. Commission and spread are included in all calculations.


For each target it will calculate risk reward, profit in deposit currency and pip distance. Trader will be notified about all events and alerts on mobile phone via MT4 push notifications and Alerts in MT4.

What is Trading Order box? Order box is rectangle which defines market order with entry and stop loss price. When price come in enabled order box, then the orders are opened.

Order functions (features) Limit order Order box
Execution at Bid price NO YES
Hidden stoploss NO YES
Hidden entry NO YES
Order open Spread filter NO YES
Order open Time filter NO YES
Activate/deactivate orders NO YES
Target Risk Reward calculation NO YES
Lot size calculation by risk percentage NO YES
Total risk of grouped orders NO YES
Total profit of grouped orders NO YES
Breakeven level (Surender) NO YES
Activate/Deactivate orders at certain price NO YES
News spike order protection NO YES
Opening gap order protection NO YES
Ask price SL hount protection NO YES
Price action programing with lines NO YES
Placing orders when market is closed NO YES

Main functions:

  1. Manage risk, calculate Risk Reward ratio and place alerts within seconds
  2. Protect your orders with Spread filter and opening GAP protection
  3. Supply and Demand candle detection
  4. Head and Shoulders pattern detection
  5. Liquidity detection
  6. Automaticaly enable Trading order box after real Price Action
  7. Set Breakeven and Reload price level inside Trading order box

Money Management - Tool will calculate right order size depends on your risk percentage per trade. It will calculate risk reward for every target and position size calculator mt4.

Safe Trading - Your market orders will be protected before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps. Your stoploss for sell positions will not be hit with Ask price.

Mobile Notifications - All events (functionalities) in Trading box order management tool are supported with MT4 alerts and mobile push notifications.

Market order Execution at Bid Price - Order box represents entry and exit for market order execution. Get the best possible prices with use of spread filter and execution at Bid price.

Feature List:


How to create trading order box

How to activate order box

EA Input parameter settings

Change number of orders

Change risk percantege

Fixed order lot size

Risk and profit calculation

Risk Reward calculation

Order box Alert

Resell and Rebuy

Surender trade (Breakeven)

Automatic order box activation

Ensure fresh orders (Delete)

Above and Below alert lines

Show or hide elements on chart

Action history

Spread filter

Time intervals (Time and News filter)

Supply and Demand candle detection

Head and Shoulders pattern detection

Liquidity detection

Font size and color settings

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Order box prevents opening orders if there is too big spread during the news or if there is Monday opening gap beyond order box. With use of order box trader can avoid trading under unfavorable market conditions where he can easily lose a lot of money. Trader can also create or delete trading order box when market is closed.

Отзывы 1
kumer13 2020.04.10 19:00 

One of the best tool to use. simple and so easy to use!

deff recommend it.

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kumer13 2020.04.10 19:00 

One of the best tool to use. simple and so easy to use!

deff recommend it.

Версия 2.0 2020.07.08
- bug fix for uncompleted Head and Shulders detection (H&S)
Версия 1.8 2020.06.12
- some beauty corrections when moving buttons to right side
Версия 1.5 2020.06.02
- buttons for retina display
- bug fixes reported by users
Версия 1.4 2020.05.21
- Order box calculation information display correction
Версия 1.2 2020.04.28
- buttons are now available also for users with 4k monitor display
- new input variable box_button_alignment (Left, Right)
- some minor bug fixes
Версия 1.1 2020.04.14
- Order lot size added to alert and notification when orders are OPENED
- Checking every 2 minutes if AutoTrading is ON
- Checking every 2 minutes connection speed to broker server (new input property max_ping_broker_server_delay_ms = 200 ms)
- Checking if connection with broker is established
- Checking AutoTrading when SELL or BUY button is clicked
- Checking if Push Notifications are enabled

Bug fix:
- Take profit for Target 3 and Target 4 are now set
- Order box is now properly drawn when Auto Scroll if OFF and when we resize chart to smaller size
- Order box calculations are now properly displayed when Auto Scroll if OFF and when we resize chart to smaller size