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METADROID - EA comes up with exclusive functionality,

seamless implementation to METAGRAPH-setup

and discreet accessibility.

The slot-panel has the following functionalities:

- switch Broker  ECN-/ NON-ECN  for correct  SL-TP -setup

- Magic-Number

- set amount of orders

- automatic  SL - TP  -  TS

- close all positions at profit xy

- order-screenshot, screen-setup adjustable

- display of Spread incl. Warning-level and Alarm-level

- if Spread > Alarm-level order-opening is refused

Buttons sleep-mode:

- central on chart option to adjust order-lots

-  BUY - and  SELL -Button central with kite-symbol

additional buttons position-mode:

- display of net-position and floating profit each side

- Position-reverse-Button flowered kite-symbol

-  CLOSE -button top/ bottom with pip-info,  BUY/SELL -separate


- click on spread to toggle on top-left and bottom-left two hidden buttons:  DEL  (top-left) and  SET  (bottom-left).

CAUTION :  DEL  deletes  SL  and  TP

ATTENTION :  SET  (re-)sets  SL  and  TP

Raison d'être of this option is: to have an - also-dangerous-but-in-most-cases-not-so-potential-deadly - surfing-mode in situations, you could completely unnecessary kicked off the board because of a hit, while board is chained with exit-order.

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Версия 1.3 2020.07.31
1.3 cosmeticals adjustions and some householding..
Версия 1.2 2020.07.21
1.2: behaviour news-panel adapted if use of trade_buttons del/set, ripped GET_OUT_button
Версия 1.1 2020.07.19
minor graphical correction