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Lightning Cobra Plus

Expert adviser Lightning Cobra Plus - A neural network Forex robot, developed for incredible fast speed in order execution, optimizations and testing that otherwise can be a very time consuming process. It's signal neural core is fed with market patterns during a certain chosen period (optimization/learning). Virtual buy/sell market orders which are closed upon opposite incoming signal, example if there is a buy order and signal confirmed to be sell opposite buy order gets closed. Equipped with a high performance risk assessment system which adapts and adjust lots size automatically according to account size and growth.

Additionally you can activate and use virtual take profit and stop loss levels in your trading. If Virtual levels close mode activated a hard stop level automatically set in case of server connection loss, if Virtual signal mode is activated you can chose to use a hard stop or not. In both cases a hard stop is necessary if a loss of server connection occur...imagine your order left out there without any stop loss and you have no access to close it if market would not go in our favor.....losses can be infinite then and we don't want that to happen do we? 

FIFO compliant - If you are a subject to FIFO use this function!

Default settings operational on EurUsd time frame H1. Adviser work with any account but preferable ECN and low spread currency pairs. Traded pairs with high spreads will reduce this advisers potential quite large.

Initial minimum deposit with default settings and leverage 1:500 - $200/risk aggressiveness 0.1. This may vary depending on account leverage,time frames and settings traded so make sure there are enough margin on traded account! It's also possible to trade only with fixed lots size.

No dangerous trading techniques such as martingale,hedging or any other involved in it's trading operations. Always one order at a time 

Optimizing this adviser is very easy - choose desired currency pair and time frame, select necessary inputs and start optimize using '  Open prices'Settings to focus on and setup for optimization as followed. Testing this adviser can be done either with 'Open prices' or 'each tick'

  • Weights 
  • TF selector
  • Time settings (optional and not necessary required as default settings works good)
  • Additionally, you may want to use virtual take profit and or stop loss in your trading. In this case you optimize these values last.


  • I refer to screenshots as i think the settings are quite self explanatory and not very complicated. If you having trouble understanding them just ask rater then 'assuming' how it work.


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    Версия 2.0 2020.05.15
    This version;
    1: An alert message was removed
    Версия 1.9 2020.05.07
    This version;
    1: Simplified menu settings by numbering
    Версия 1.8 2020.03.21
    This version;
    1: Improved order module
    2: Order close modes added - Virtual Signal or Virtual levels
    3: Hard stop added in both signal cases but in Signal mode you can choose to use it or not and in Virtual levels it's set automatically.
    Версия 1.7 2020.03.13
    This version;
    1: String order comments long/short now available as inputs
    Версия 1.6 2020.02.08
    This version;
    1: Order execution journal prints added (was missing)
    2: Small changes to input settings text
    Версия 1.5 2020.02.08
    This version;
    1: Zero divide bug. There could in some rare occasions occur a zero divide error in the signal calculation math's but it's now fixed.
    Версия 1.4 2020.02.07
    This version;
    1: Important signal calculation bug fix
    Версия 1.3 2020.01.31
    This version;
    1: Bug fix Friday early close open orders.
    Note: This function only closes orders in profit, orders in minus remains open!
    2: Bug fix Main time management
    Версия 1.2 2020.01.10
    This version;
    1: Added possibility to trade with only fixed lots size
    Версия 1.1 2020.01.08
    This version;
    1: FIFO compliant - If you are subject to FIFO use this function if you trade more then one chart