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Indicator StochCross - Stochastic oscillator indicator with buy/sell signals - visual arrows and alerts. Three types of alerts, on screen popup, push notifications and email. Choose what type of visual/alert entry signal(s) to use a reference;

1: K-D periods crossing type

2: K period crossing overbought level type

3: D period crossing oversold level type

These three signal types can all be combined as desired - If all set 'false' no signals will be generated so please at least enable one of them!

Chart objects and comments

At the top upper left corner there will be a display available with account information such as server time,balance, equity, profit, margin and which alerts enabled. At the top upper right corner there will be displayed the last signal that was generated, what type buy or sell and what time it was generated.

Indicator settings

  • Stoch K period - default 5
  • Stoch D period - default 5
  • Stoch slowing - default 5
  • MA method - default Smoothed
  • Stoch price field - default 0 (0=Low/High, 1=Close/Close
  • Stoch overbought level - default 80
  • Stoch over sold level - default 20
  • Stoch crossing types -  signal types (K-D crossing,K-cross overbought,D-cross oversold) default all three 'true'
  • Alert settings - Push notification, email notification and on screen popup message - default all 'Off'
  • Comments hud - Display/background color, default 'On' and black


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Версия 1.1 2019.11.24
This version;
1: Added visual indicator values to the chart display
2: Change in alert time - All alerts show the current server time and nothing else