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OHLC Lines

I have often seen traders mention about the importance of knowing the closing of the previous day, the opening of the current day, calculating the GAP.

Likewise I have seen that the lines that mark the daily highs and lows can be reversal points. A double top pattern at precisely the daily high may be indicative of reversal.

If you think about following the daily trend and see which tops (or bottoms) are breaking, run after it.

Thus, the OHLC Lines indicator automatically plots the lines O (Open of the current day), H (High of the current day), L (Low of the current day) and C (Close of the previous day).

Lines H and L are redrawn as the highs and lows are broken.

Success and good trades!
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Valentin Butorin
Valentin Butorin 2020.07.23 14:23 

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