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Heiken Ashi OnOff MT4

The Heiken Ashi On-Off let you to focus on the price inversion. If used in conjunction with candelstick charts it helps to spot the inversion of market trend. It is possible highlight doji candles with a different color.

How it works: you can choose if you want the indicator always shown or always hided while switching among different time frames or financial instruments. Starting from this initial condition it's possible to show/hide  the indicator just pressing the button or using the keyboard.

The indicator works overriding the colors of properties of metatrader platform.

  1. For that reason before install it you have to write down your preferred candle colors. Then set them up  in the INPUT of the indicator: 1.Bar UP, 2.Bar Down, 3.Bull Candle, 4.Bear Candle, 5.Line Graph and 6.Background. You can find these colors in propreties (key F8) of metatrader platform.
  2. After that you can can press the ok button.
  3. If you choose to leave the default indicator setting, the colors of metatrader platform will be changed  as follow: Bar UP=LimeGreen, Bar Down=Red, Bull Candle=LimeGreen, Bear Candle=Red, Line Grapgh=LimeGreen, Background=Black

 This representation of candlestick uses a modified formula to draw them:

High=Max(High[t], Max(Open[t],Close[t]))
[t], Min(Open[t],Close[t]))


  • It's possible to setup color of the H.ASHI bars
  • You can choose to spot the Doji candles and setup their color
  • It's possible to setup color of body, shadow and Background of the Metatrader platform: Bar UP, Bar Down, Bull Candle, Bear Candle, Line Grapgh and Background.
  • It is possible to shut down the button and setup your favorite keys to on-off the indicator
  • It is possible to customize the button: the position on the screen, the size, the colors and the label

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    Версия 1.4 2019.12.18
    - Added the possibility to set up manually in the input the colors of MT4 Platform candles and background colors
    Версия 1.3 2019.12.18
    - Fix Bug related the the On Off shortcut keys (sliding the cursor on the left upper corner of the screen)
    - Remains a bug related changing time frames an update will be soon disponible
    Версия 1.2 2019.12.11
    – Fixed bug
    Версия 1.1 2019.12.10
    - fixed problem of candlestick color settings and background