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Only NonFarm Payroll Trade 4

Only NonFarm Payroll Trade


The employment situation is a set of labor market indicators. The unemployment rate measures the number of unemployed as a percentage of the labor force. Non-farm payroll employment counts the number of paid employees working part-time or full-time in the nation's business and government establishments. The average workweek reflects the number of hours worked in the non-farm sector. Average hourly earnings reveal the basic hourly rate for major industries as indicated in non-farm payrolls.

How does the NFP system work?

  1. Finds the next date of NFP.
  2. Waits until this date. On that day, 1 minute before 8:30 ET it creates Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders.

Input Parameters:

  • Non-farm Payroll Hour - hour of announcement of Non-Farm Payrolls, default is 14;
  • Non-farm Payroll Minute - minute of announcement of Non-Farm Payrolls, default is 30;
  • trade EURUSD - trade by EURUSD (true/false), default - true;
  • trade GBPUSD - trade by GBPUSD (true/false), default - true;
  • trade EURGBP - trade by EURGBP (true/false), default - true;
  • trade USDCHF - trade by USDCHF (true/false), default - true;
  • trade EURJPY - trade by EURJPY (true/false), default - true;
  • trade USDJPY - trade by USDJPY (true/false), default - true;
  • trade USDCAD - trade by USDCAD (true/false), default - true;
  • trade AUDCAD - trade by AUDCAD (true/false), default - false;
  • trade XAGUSD - trade by XAGUSD (true/false), default - false;
  • trade XAUUSD - trade by XAUUSD(true/false), default - false;
  • trade AUDUSD - trade by AUDUSD (true/false), default - false;
  • trade AUDNZD - trade by AUDNZD (true/false), default - false;
  • Step - the distance from price before the announcement of news on which the BuyStop and SellStop orders are set (pips), default is 15;
  • StopLoss - this parameter is a stop loss for each trade (pips), default is 30;
  • TakeProfit - this parameter is a take profit for each trade (pips), default is 40;
  • Time to close pending order - the time to close deleted pending orders (minutes), default is 20;
  • Magic Number - it's necessary to set the identification number of the EA. Default is 1347;
  • Lot Size - the volume of trade operations that the EA is supposed to work with. Default is 2.
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