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Double Moving averages Cross over Alert

Double Moving Averages Cross Over Alert

This universal double moving averages, gives you alert when any two Moving averages crosses. To use this indicator head to setting in the indicator page, choose the type of moving averages you want to be alerted and you are set. set your phone to receive metatrader messages (if you do not know how, please search on google)

Indicator features

1. Windows Alert

2. Push Notification to your SmartPhone

3. You Get Windows POP up notification (all you have to do is to enable it in the settings page of the indicator)

For Those struggling with entries, at least you can start up with this indicator


Remember to use protective stop loss as not all signals will be niece

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Phone: +255 746 006 446 this number is on WhatsApp as well

Email:  mnfungo@gmail.com


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