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Close partially

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Risk management is one of the most important elements of a successful trading strategy. If you only do intraday and swing trading, but not aggressive scalping, you may often find yourself having to split your trades so that you can close either half or a portion of your orders to a first profit target, then the other half later on to protect it by a stop loss over the entry level. So, in order to guarantee a minimum gain for each trade, you can let the profit run and possibly have a much better return that the first one.

This simple practical management of the profit and risk could make the difference between a profitable trader and losing trader. Therefore, it is a good practice to trade divisible positions so that you have a small steady profit for each transaction, and possibly a good profit when the price explodes towards the right direction (let the profit run).

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Close (partially) trade after +"X" pips

Volume size "X" %

nakayui818 2019.10.06 10:20 

Very nice product perfect 5 star!