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LT Market Profile

Market Profile is an amazing tool!

With it you can identify regions of strong and weak negotiation, finding regions of accumulation (support and resistance), thus seeing the market with other eyes.

Instead of measuring each candle volume as default volume indicator does, the Market Profile measure the volume by price.


  • Enable indicator - enable the indicator. This function exists to pass the bureaucratic test here of MQL5.
  • Count days - days to count.
  • Draw as background - draw behind candles.
  • Filled with color - fill rectangles with color (deactivate keep only borders).
  • Border style - (only with filled with color deactivated).
  • Number of bars - (the higher the number the greater the accuracy, but slowly).
  • Asia session color - that is it.
  • America session color - that is it.
  • Europa session color - that is it.
  • Identification - objects list identification.

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Версия 1.1 2019.06.08
- Small changes