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Multi Chart Synchronization MT4 DEMO

This product can be used to synchronize multiple Charts, and each Chart can be set to a different sync mode. With this product you can better view and manipulate charts: different time frames for a single Symbol, the same time frame for multiple Symbols... and more.

PS: This is Demo product, you can only use it on EURUSD/XUAUSD/USDCNH symbol. If you like it, the links below are full featured:



  • Chart settings can be synchronized, including : background, indentation, size, etc.
  • Multiple Chart window start times can be synchronized.
  • Multiple Chart time frames can be synchronized.
  • MT4 can only run one EA/Script for a Chart. This product is compiled in the form of Indicator and does not affect the superposition of other EAs/Scripts.
How To Use:
  • Your first open Chart is your operation Chart, you need to load the program into other Charts.
  • IsChartSynchronize=true;              // Whether to synchronize chart settings of Chart, including window start time.
  • IsTimeFrameSynchronize=true;     // Whether to synchronize the timeframe of the Chart
  • SynRefreshMillisecond=100;          // Set the millisecond frequency of synchronization

Thanks for using my program.

Multi Chart Synchronization On MT5 has more function, It supports synchronization of system Indicators,  which may be useful if you use the MT5 platform. That is the link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35700

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