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Avg Volume Smart

This indicator is based on Volumes standard indicator.

User must select the bars he wants to consider in the set period and an average is calculated on these bars.

Alarm can be fired when :

  • the current volume is higher than a set threshold respect the average calculated on selected bars
  • the current volume is higher than at least one of the selected bars

Selected Bars must be expressed in previous positions, let's see an example.
Time frame=1 hour.
Now it is 5pm. I want to consider the bar of 4 pm (1 hour ago) and the bar of 5 pm of yesterday (24 hours ago).

The input will be: 1,24 or 24,1 Order is not important. Be carefull, do not leave spaces in the string and not comma at the end.


  • Threshold (in %) for changing the color of the Bar. If the bar is higher of the % respect (the calculated average/one of the selected bars)
  • Volumes/Tick: volume tick or real volume can be used(real volume must be provided by your broker)
  • Selected Bars: used to calculate the average or for firing the alarm. You must express them in previous positions.
  • Show user notification when alert is fired
  • Send notification for use with EA
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