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Swing Trader Moon Phase

Swing-Trader_Moon Phase

How to trade with Swing Trader Moon Phase?

Swing Trader is a very special tool for both Automatic and Semi-Automatic trading. It works as an Indicator and Expert Advisor to trade fully automatic, if trader sets it to true and by false setting, then it will trade when trader enter into the position via Swing Trader manually, but the money management and risk management functions remain automatically to manage the opened positions for trader.

Swing Trader Options and Settings

Main settings

  • Auto trading: true/false, if set true, it trades automatically, if false, semi auto.
  • Money Management: true/false, if set to true,it will calculate the risk for stop loss in % bases of balance. For example risk 2%, stop loss 100 pips, balance 10K, then a lot size of 0.20 lots will be opened. The stop loss depends on the conditions ...
  • Risk management: True/false settings. If set to true, then it works for stop loss and take profit according to the ATR settings below; the lot size will be as set fixed lot size.
  • Stop loss, Take Profit and trailing stop work only, if Risk management set to false
  • Stop loss mode: Use PivotSL, then need to set the number of days below. So this stop loss function will set the stop loss according to the Pivot point calculation HLC/3, but we set with our own techniques to identify where is the best and it is up to the entering point, that means it differs time to time according to the market conditions.
  • Period: Just let 20 as default, no need to change.
  • RevActions (Long/Short): that is a special method to count the swing of price action. So personally i find best is long from 4 and upward, short is -4 and downward. You need to try by yourselves is better. The settings is the same for all time frames.
  • ATR settings: ATR is our short form for Average Trading Range of an instrument. Take the ATR Time Frame for Day and give the number of days you prefer to, it will calculated the average of the volatility of that instrument in pips, then you set the percent for profit taking 01-03 accordingly. For example: EURUSD has an average of 80 pips/day, you put 60% for Tp01, then after EURUSD moves 60%*80pips=48 pips in your favor, it will take a given XYZ % as set for Tp01 partially in % and move your stop loss to break even automatically. Tp02 taken, then trailing stop starts.
  • Magic Number: It helps you to trade with same product in different Time frames by putting other magic number.

Note: Swing trader is different as SPA trader. Swing trader can adapt to follow the trend better so i think but Swing trader can learn and trades with the move up and down of the markets like the Moon phase. 

Swing trader allows trader to switch off the auto trading from outside on the panel and trade manually according to the indicator send you the messages. So very comfortable to trade. 

Alert and notification options

  • Show pop-up messages - Set "true" to receive pop-up notifications
  • Send an e-mail - Set "true" to receive a notification e-mail
  • Send mobile notifications - Set "true" to receive mobile notifications
  • Play an alert sound - Set "true" to receive an audible notification


Display on chart

  1. Account name:
  2. Account Balance
  3. Profit:
  4. Spreads
  5. Today Change in %: it meant the percent has changed in % in comparison to the opening level of this day.
  6. Trading term: Short/Middle/Long--------------> short meant it will scanning the intraday signals only. ----------> middle meant it will scanning the signals within the week only.-----------------> long term it will scan the signals within the month only. So new month, new cycle...
  7. Conditions: meant the steps the EA learns and if it finds all are matched, then open trade. One trade only----> when it closed, then new one will open.
  8. Stop loss and TP01-03: meant distance to these levels in pips.

Note: This tool is a very help full in counting Elliott wave too if you are familiar with EW analysis and know how to count the waves 

Happy Trading!


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