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Traceratope EA

IMPORTANT! Price for first 5 copies of this EA will be $40, than it will be increased to $60. Remaining: 1

Traceratope EA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor that follow the logic of my Traceratope Indicator.


It is a "trend pips scratcher": it search for the main trend and look for good entry point to be able to take some pips from it. Very simple and robust logic: compliant to K.I.S.S. idea (Keep it simple, stupid!). It is suggested to be used on M15 Timeframe and leaving it working on low volatility hours (end of American session, Asian and Sydney session preferred!)

The robustness of this system is provided by the fact that it works well with same parameters on about all forex pairs. This system will perform well if it will be used on a huge set of symbols at the same time (providing better diversification, more stable equity and little DD).

It has a lot of parameters in order to customize it and sharp it on desidered behaviour. I suggest to leave EA working with "Last closed candles" mode for both order opening and closing (in this way you can have more reliable backtests results and analyze how good are the logic behind the system). Anyway, you can choose to let it work with current prices. Make your own backtests before buying it!!!

Input parameters:

  • Magic Number: ID of orders opened from this EA.
  • Indicator's bar check for open orders: choose if you want to check for indicators of current bar (tick-sensitive) or last closed bar (no tick-sensitive)
  • Indicator's bar check for close orders: choose if you want to check for indicators of current bar (tick-sensitive) or last closed bar (no tick-sensitive)
  • Fast EMA Periods: periods for fast EMA
  • Slow EMA Periods: periods for slow EMA
  • WPR Periods: periods for WPR oscillator
  • Overbought level for entry: if you set for example 20 you BUY value need to be <= -80 and your sell value >= -20
  • Overbought level for exit: if you set for example 5 your BUY order will be closed when WPR >= -5 and your sell will be closed when WPR reach <=-95
  • Order lots: order lot size (0 for dynamic)
  • Risk in %: risk in % of equity calculated on SL amount
  • Stop loss type: choose between pips/atr
  • Stop loss value: pips or ATR multiplier
  • Take profit type: choose between pips/atr
  • Take profit value: pips or ATR multiplier
  • Use technical closure: set it to TRUE in order to close order by WPR oscillator value. If you set it to FALSE order can be closed only by SL/TP.
  • Enable time filter: restrict EA to work only in time from Start Hour to End hour
  • Use Breakeven function: self-explaining.
  • Breakeven trigger pips: pips required to move SL to order open price.
  • Use Trailing Stop: self-explaining.
  • Trailing trigger pips: number of pips to trigger first trailing stop SL move.
  • Trailing step pips: pips for every new step of SL move.
  • Scale 50% of orders: partial close orders when X pips is reached
  • Scale trigger pips: pips to trigger scale 50%

NOTE: You need to know that buying an EA means paying for the time spent for research&development. Backtest results should not be considered as REAL result that are expected in the future!

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