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RSiBoss Extreme


Expert adsvisor RSiBoss Extreme, a product for thoose who enjoy being able to choose between different strategies. Easy to use and optimize despite it's advanced structure,based on Relative Strenght and Moving Average indicators and equipped with three types of strategies(Modes), breakout,regular and trend(only with MA). Automatic stoploss,breakeven and trailing stop calculated through ATR (Average True Range), no take profit levels as all profitable orders are trailed and locked in with break even(let profits run as much as they can). Trading takes place with instant market orders and all orders use stoploss and no dangerous techniques such as averaging, martingale or hedging. Money management makes it possible to dynamically grow in line with the account capital where you choose how much you want to invest in per order or simply to choose a fixed lot size which will be static all the way without dynamically adjusting to account size. Another great feauture - If you need in some cases proof or maybe just for training objectives a screenshot can automatically be taken everytime a new order open or fail in some way. All screenshots will be saved in your teminals folder 'MQL4/Files'. 


  • No dangereouse technuiqes
  • ATR stoploss,BE and trailing
  • Profit lock with BE(BreakEven)
  • No take profit level - Let profits run until they loose steam,hits breakeven or trailingstop
  • Always StopLoss in orders
  • Works on all currency pairs including JPY 
  • Any timeframe but M30-H1 recommended
  • HUD display which show all important information you need about RSiBoss trading activity and more
  • Three different individual strategies - Only one can be used at a time and each one has it's own settings
  • Minimum start capital 100-200 dollar with minimum risk
  • Works on most common accounts - To wide spreads will deteriorate performance so try trade on currency pairs with low spreads
  • Timefilter all five days a week monday-friday
  • Spread filter to avoid trigger orders during wide spreads
  • Money management which allows fixed lots size(static) or a slice in units of your account/transaction(dynamic)


Each one of the trading modes ofcourse need attendance from time to time, it's not self learning so this needs to be done to find best suitable settings

  • Before you use RSiBoss on either demo or real make sure you update it's settings on each style and currency pair you trade.
  • All trading modes already updated and can be used on EURUSD M30 preferred on ECN low spread account. They been optimized only within a short range with high quality Dukas Copy tickdata, commission, swaps,variable spreads and slippage - as near real trading environment you can get. Thoose settings are no guarantee for feauture success. Best way if you optimize to your own satisfaction and maybe you want to trade another currency pair.

When optimization are performed be sure to turn the HUD off! Make .setfiles for each mode to easily load them into the robots settings when needed.

Important 'to know' stuff

Trading forex always involves a risk and by means you should never risk more capital then you can afford to loose - and this is rule #1 you never brake no matter what! Always use proper fund and risk management along with your account size and leverage. Do not set pressure on your capital, let it grow safe with a risk that feels and work comfortable.

Questions? Well just let me know what's on your mind and i try to answer. I hope you will enjoy RSi Boss, wish you best all the best!

Input settings

  • I'm referring to the product screenshots because i have no more characters typing it all down here. So please look at screeshots

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Версия 1.2 2019.04.21
Fixed a bug with time frame enumerations
Версия 1.1 2019.04.12
bugfix with timeframes in settings disappering when loading a setfile