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Three Breaky

ThreeBreaky is a fully automated EA that works according to volatility breakout strategies: it works using 3 different subsystems.

This is not exactly a “set-and-forget” EA and it is always better to attach it to a graph when it is confirmend that market is in a not-ranging period.

I suggest to use it on directional pairs, like EURUSD, on H1 timeframe.

Orders closure can be made by SL/TP or using techincal indicators (Parabolic SAR). (SAR are good only for closing  profits, so I suggest to use always SL!!)

Each system has its own SAR parameters. You can optimize it as you preferences.


Input paramters:

  • Magic Number : base ID for order opened from this EA
  • Use System 1: using sub-system 1
  • Use System 2: using sub-system 2
  • Use System 3: using sub-system 3
  • Order Lots: static lot size (use 0 for dynamic calculation)
  • Risk in %: this is the risk in % of equity for every new order calculated on SL points. Keep in mind that it can be possible that 3 orders are opened in the same time if all 3 strategies triggers the order in the same moment. So calculate this percentage to be at maximum 1/3 of your maximum wanted risk. If you use 0 for SL points it will be used 5*ATR as reference for dynamic lots calculation.
  • Stop Loss type: SL Type (choose between fixed pips or ATR(14) multiplier)
  • Stop Loss value: SL pips or multiplier for ATR(14)
  • Take profit type: TP Type (choose between fixed pips or ATR(14) multiplier)
  • Take profit value: TP pips or multiplier for ATR(14)
  • Techincal order close: use technical closure. I always suggest to use it.
  • Use Breakeven function: self-explaining.
  • Breakeven trigger pips: pips required to move SL to order open price.
  • Use Trailing Stop: self-explaining.
  • Trailing trigger pips: number of pips to trigger first trailing stop SL move.
  • Trailing step pips: pips for every new step of SL move.
  • Scale 50% of orders: partial close orders when X pips is reached
  • Scale trigger pips: pips to trigger scale 50%

Then you will find parameters for each system. Try to optimize it if you want to adjust system to different pair. My settings are pretty the best for EURUSD H1.

NOTE: You need to know that buying an EA means paying for the time spent for research&development. Backtest results should not be considered as REAL result that are expected in the future!

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Версия 1.2 2019.03.27
Bugfix in the trailing stop function.
Версия 1.1 2019.03.15
Fixed dynamic lots calculation.
Added ATR Multiplier as SL/TP type.