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Shinigami Avenger

Shinigami Avenger is a trend based Trading Robot that has the capability to open and close trades with based on several indicators, and closes when trend conditions are false. 

Shinigami Avenger is part of my Shinigami Project a Set of EAs, that have the same parameters and is fully under the users control.

there are 5 Moving Averages on the main chart that interact with the edited Shinigami algorithm.


MA1_Period to MA5_Period These are the moving average periods from lowest to highest 

Breakeven: this is a profit protection function that works along side with WHENTOBreakeven and PIPSTOMOVESL.

UseAutoClose: This function will fully automate the EA, paying even if breakeven and trail stop functions are closed this function will close open positions when conditions have changed. I advise setting a high SL and TP, and activate this function and check it out  on a daily chart. or any commodity 

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