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Tweet Publisher


tweet publisher is tool to post your signals, products, articles, blog posts, codes at tweeter automatically by your timeplan. You save time and promote your products. Several signals, products can be entered simultaneously. All your products are gradually being published in your tweeter profile according to their schedule. You can see recordposts on my twitter account. here

Setup is very simple:

1. allow Webrequest link ( https://icmarketsdeals.com/twitterabr/twitter-send.php ) at Metatrader station MENÜ Tools -> Expert Advisors . Setup video

2. go to https://icmarketsdeals.com/twitterabr/twitter-go.php and authorize our twitter app.  

3. it will shown after authorize our twitter app your Access Token and Secret Token. Please copy and paste the strings in input fields. ( You can revoke your authorization at any time). Setup video

5. fill in input varaibale e.g:  post type and post number = c:22653,a:5111,b:723153,s:270232,s:229582,p:18571,p:20785 . setup video

s = for signals

p = for products from market

c = for article from codebase

a = for article published at mql5.com

b = for blog post

* please while id search always use english mql5.com pages


  • Access Token - Paste access token which you get after authorize our twitter app
  • Secret Token -  Paste secret token which you get after authorize our twitter app
  • Post Interval every x Hour - checked every x hours.
  • Text for tweet - text for tweet it is limited depending on the number of characters
  • post type and post number - please always use english mql5.com page to choose id
  • Webrequest link - Please allow at Menü Tools -> Expert Advisors

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