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Price Action Real Power Mt5

Price Action Real Power MT5


PRICE ACTION REAL POWER is an indicator that works on the author's exclusive algorithm for determining trend movements.

Unlike other traditional indicators, PRICE ACTION REAL POWER MT5 doesn’t analyze the quotes of a currency pair, but calculates the specific weight of the currencies in a pair concerning to the entire market basket!!!

Further - the received value about the true strength of the two currencies included in a currency pair is compared to each other in the form of a special chart, which defines the beginning and the end of trend movements much more accurately and faster.


  • Shows the beginning and the end of a trend earlier than most other indicators.
  • Resistant to flat and sawtooth trends, in which other indicators get confused and show conflicting data.
  • Resistant to speculative zigzag price spikes.Non-repainted! You can check for on a long history of quotation.
  • Works well on the timeframe from M15 and higher.
  • Shows where to set Take Profit
  • Gives alerts, Push and email notifications

Attention-before the first start of the indicator, open all assets in the "Market Watch" tab, set the indicator on the quotes chart and wait for a few minutes until the indicator loads all the necessary quotes history!!!

By default, the indicator parameters are set for the H4 timeframe.

Manual settings of the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER MT5 indicator:

  • Alert_level (1,2,3,4,5)- audiovisual signal level
  • Email, Push - true/false - enabling the appropriate signal transfer function
  • Power_Method - method for calculating currency strength
  • Power_Price - smoothing parameter for calculating data of market strength
  • Power_Fast - period of fast line of the indicator
  • Power_Slow - period of slow line of the indicator
  • USD EUR GBP CHF JPY AUD CAD NZD TRUE / FALSE - enable / disable currency for weighted analysis of a basket of market currencies
  • History_bars - the number of bars displaying the strength of the market
  • Out_Take_Profit_for_BUY_level 0 UP - the level of Fibo-channel to install the TP for trend deals on BUY
  • Out_Take_Profit_for_SELL_level 0 UP - the level of Fibo-channel to install the TP for trend deals on SELL
  • IN_Take_Profit_for_BUY - the level of Fibo-channel to install the TP for channel deals on BUY
  • IN_Take_Profit_for_SELL - the level of Fibo-channel to install the TP for channel deals on SELL
Anestis Demeroutis
Anestis Demeroutis 2019.03.18 00:42 

This is a really good and useful tool. I have my own strategy, but before each trade, I see exactly what "Price Action Real Power" indicates.

Thank you, for this nice indicator.

Anatolie Pavliuc
Anatolie Pavliuc 2018.12.26 14:22   

Хочу поблагодарить Игоря за хороший инструмент и за отличное поддержку..