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FXSmart Trend

FXSmart Trend is a Smart Calculating of MA (Moving Average indicator) with statistical analysis of the old market movement to determines future market trend.

The additional explanation is not needed. just test the demo and enjoy the Accurately in Detection

Smart Trend has a nice panel to show you:

  1. when to act sell when to act BUY
  2. Show market trend
  3. calculate for you, Suitable order lot depends on your balance and margin
  4. show the best tp and sl to help you have better exit
  5. and ...


  1. Quick-Fast Market recognition
  2. Simple to use.
  3. Suitable for scalper trader.
  4. Best performance in H1/H4 timeframe.

Just RUN IT And Enjoy FXsmart Trend :)

Smart Trend also has an alert sound to Apprise market trend change. you can turn it on or of an input parameter.

SilentForex 2019.01.29 08:45 

Great product very accurate even during terrible market conditions <3

adroaldomarc 2019.01.16 21:02 

excellent indicator, BUY and SEL manually I'm getting great results

Версия 1.2 2019.01.30
1. New Design with new panel
2. improve performance
Версия 1.1 2018.12.09
1. Improve Performance
2. Add Support/Resistance to help you add tp/sl
3. Add some market details on Right-Side pannel.