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FXSmart Trend

FXSmart Trend is a Smart Calculating of MA (Moving Average indicator) with statistical analysis of the old market movement to determines future market trend.

Smart Trend has a panel to show you when to act sell when to act BUY


  1. Quick-Fast Market recognition
  2. Simple to use.
  3. Suitable for scalper trader.
  4. Best performance in H1/H4 timeframe.

Just RUN IT And Enjoy FXsmart Trend :)

Smart Trend also has an alert sound to Apprise market trend change. you can turn it on or of an input parameter.

adroaldomarc 2019.01.16 21:02 

excellent indicator, BUY and SEL manually I'm getting great results

Version 1.1 2018.12.09
1. Improve Performance
2. Add Support/Resistance to help you add tp/sl
3. Add some market details on Right-Side pannel.