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Precious Metal Close sup Res

Close points is very important objects in all of markets ,
when Trader or analysis   have   all time Close together , can decided quickly and correctly!
Usually precious Metals  and signally Gold  need  setting  of price format particular them self .

at this indicator    Close's price number sets depend on  Time series  . deep  on  2 priors  candles in all time ( for e.g.  2  prior candle of  1 minute  or 5 minute) and compare is easy  here !
 this indicator show all support and resistance calculate on  different times at a glance!  ,free of depend any exclusive charts  (Trends)  .
 please keep in mind this indicator Designed on Chart event Calculated ! and may be have little delay on live , if you want work on real markets !

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 07:50 

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Версия 2.1 2019.09.03
update close mach items and with new crosser !
potential for buy and sell in separate times !
prices jump in separate candles added !