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linkseotop1 2022.11.22 08:45 

Im new subscriber, you are doing well, keep going on!

Jim Bui
Jim Bui 2022.10.17 06:29 

I am a new subscriber to this Calm Investor. She is very obsessive with AUDCAD currency pair. The D1 chart for AUDCAD is trending down and she keeps on opening new trades against it. At the moment, she has 10 losing trades betting against the down trend with AUDCAD. I think that she is new to the forex currency trading. She does not know the phrase: The Trend is Your Friend!!! Since she is betting against the trends, someday, she will suffer the big consequences and so does her 22 followers. I wish someday that she will change her trading style. There are so many other currency pairs that she can use her robot to trade. Why just stick with one currency pair like AUDCAD?

clx_8 2022.08.29 10:50 

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Bin Xie
Bin Xie 2022.08.11 10:40  (modificado 2022.09.26 11:00) 

2022.9.26 信号对GBPCAD逆势加仓,导致我爆仓了,损失了80000美金!!!

2022.8.11 暂时给你4颗星,看你后面表现如何!

nguyenman 2022.08.11 05:26 

very good, stable profit, low risk, this is what i was looking for

Bang Fen
Bang Fen 2022.06.16 18:13 

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Longsen Chen
Longsen Chen 2022.06.02 13:18  (modificado 2022.06.03 12:46) 

2022.06.02 you have closed 8 orders of GBPCAD with a loss, Why?

2022.06.03 You did a good job with AUDCAD!

Cuong Pham Van
Cuong Pham Van 2022.05.27 03:31 

very good!

James Joseph Sablatura
James Joseph Sablatura 2022.01.24 23:44 

I've been subscribed for about a year and the signal is one of the best on the market. It's stable, has a low drawdown and has consistent returns.